ZB Series Pleated Panel filter

1.Low initial pressure drop, 2.High dust holding capacity, 3.Easily handled and installed, 4. Available in various - details see: http://www.machineto.com/zb-series-pleated-panel-filter-10224779
Efficiency:G2/G3/G4/F5Construction:Panel FilterFiltration Grade:Pre FilterMedium Material:Synthetic Fiber
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:FEIERTEModel Number:ZB-80Function:HVAC Air Filter
Structure:Pre Pleated Panel FilterFrame:Galvanized steel  
ZB Series Pleated Panel filter
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VX Series Multi-V bank filter

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Ø Multi-pleated media packs enlarge the media area and increase the dust holding

capcity to extend the life time

Ø Available for different synthetic media types involving thickness from

5mm-20mm to meet variety of demands

Ø Frame can be designed to re-use and only change the media pack inside which

is very cost-efficient and economical for maintenance

Standard Size and Technical Data

Production Show

1, Production Instruction

2, Frame workshop confirm

3, Profile cutting processing

4, Media workshop confirm

5, Media Pleating and Folding

6, Installation

7, Product inspection

8, Packing and Stocking

Factory View


Packaging Detail:Packing in the plastic bag and cardboard box according to different filter sizes.
Delivery Detail:normally in 2-3 weeks for one 20ft container.

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