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Machine products and machinery manufacturers can be listed the machine business directory free, importors and buyers can find high quality machine such like oil pressers, juice extractor, hoists, air filter, meat mixer and etc

oil pressers, juice extractor, hoists, air filter, meat mixer

Machine Categories
Light Stone Working Machine LY1324
1.Three-axises all use imported square orbits.
2.3KW water cooling spindle
3.whole seamless steel structure
tee making machine
Tee cold forming machine of model YSLT200A could manufactures the tee size ranging from 4" to 8" manual and automatically.
High quality cng transport equipements
1.High quality cng transport equipements
2.Lower weight and lower cost Tube Trailer
3.High quality of CNGTube Trailer
refrigerator assembling line
refrigerator assembly line
1. stable
2.vacuum loop line
3. leakage detector
4.good quality and service
Syringe Cylinder Mold
Syringe Cylinder Mold:
This is a syringe mould which can be used to manufacture Syringe cylinder for it.
1.Rated hydraulic 4.5Mpa
2.Reliable quality
3.Speed Quickly