Photo catalyst filter

1.High efficiency in decomposing organic gas., 2.Good antibacterial performance., 3.Low air pressure drop and long life. - details see: //
Efficiency:90%Construction:Panel FilterFiltration Grade:Pre FilterMedium Material:TiO2
Porosity:80%Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:HAILANModel Number:HL-ANTI-001
Function:Air FilterStructure:Leaf FilterMaterial:TiO2 
Photo catalyst filter
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Adopting the new material Nano TiO2 as the raw material, this product can produce the strong catalysis in the irradiation of common light, especially in the ultraviolet, which makes the noxious substances to decompose into the no harmful substances such as CO2 and H2O, and reach the aim of antibacterial and deodorization. In addition, in the irradiation of ultraviolet, the filter could be automatically regenerated and could be used cyclically for a long time.

According to the different base materials, it could be divided into honeycomb polyurethane (sponge), PET non-woven fabrics, honeycomb paper filter; honeycomb aluminum filter, honeycomb ceramic filter, honeycomb plastic filter, corrugated paper filter, metal foam, etc . Its widely used in air conditioners, air purifier and hospital, etc.

The following is the main technical parameter:

Deodorization rate%Bacteria killed rate%Thickness (mm)

Packaging Detail:Plastic bag with carton.
Delivery Detail:About 15 days

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