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oil pressers, juice extractor, hoists, air filter, meat mixer

Machine Categories
Filter Vacuum Dryer
The slurry is filtrated, rinsed and dried in a single unit featured by no agitating equipment inside.
Pharmaceutical Intermediates Vacuum Dryer/ Rotary vacuum dryer
1. Easy to operate
2. GMP
3. High efficiency
YZG/FZG Series Vacuum Food Dryer/high temperature dryer
high temperature dryer
1.few loss of heat of evaporimeters
2.adopt the condense, can retrieve the solvent in the su
SZG Double Cone Rotating Powder Vacuum Drying Equipment
The vacuum dryer is a dynamic vacuum dryer
1) wide application
2) energy saving and high efficient
3) no dead corner
4) easy
rotary dryer for sale
rotary dryer
1,large handing capacity,low energy cost
2,high drying speed
3, high overloading capacity
4, special design
AD Air Dryer special for drying the electric equipment, such as transformer and reactor
2. safe, reliable, convenient and economical

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