Vibratory Motors with good quality

vibro motor:, 1.Delivery time:10-20days, 2.ISO9001:2000, 3. Have the stable amplitude, 4.Standard wooden cases - details see:
Place of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name:JinzhenModel Number:NO03Colour:At your choice
Working Temperature:<70℃   
Vibratory Motors with good quality
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Vibration Motor

The structure and working principle

Vibration motor is power and vibration source of combination of excitation source, vibration motor is installed in the rotor shaft at each end of a group of adjustable eccentric block, using axle and eccentric block high-speed rotating produce centrifugal force get excitation force. Vibration motor excitation force is high efficiency, energy consumption is small, low noise and long life. Vibration motor vibration force can steplessly adjust, use convenient, JZO, YZU, VB, XVM, YZO, YZS, YZD, TZDC TZD, such as type of vibration motor is general-purpose vibration motor. Can be applied to general vibratory machines, such as: vibration sieve crusher, extension, vibration dozen charter flights, vibration falling pressure-blasting machine.


Vibration motor and vibration of mechanical connection plane roughness are for 3.2 or higher

(1), winding insulation, such as damp should adopt corresponding method processing 500V ZhaoOuBiao check winding insulation resistance, near working temperature (70 °C), shall not be lower than the 0.38 trillion ohms for 380-volt ac, otherwise should undertake drying processes.

(2), cable is in good condition, such as happening ruptures breakage should change in time.

(3), the body is in good condition, if has the damage please contact us to change.

Will vibration motor installed in vibration of mechanical vibration motor, the anchor bolts must tighten, each nut must add elastic gasket.

Vibration motor at the beginning of operation because of bolts, nuts, base plane between adjust, can reduce fastening force, appear small loose, reason should be run early motor anchor bolt many times a day at first tight and tighten once, after two weeks weekly scrutiny tighten once.

Install regular neurobics regimen, in the body and basis, all should have cable pressure device, between cables are naturally shape, the total length of suspension with 300-500mm advisable, natural overhang of curved radius of two reference line vibration equipment vibration motor when working at the same time, should check whether the two vibration motor turns in the opposite. Or should be changed by an electric motor power sequence, make two vibration motor steering instead, to ensure material of uniform trend.

Vibratory Motors with good quality
Packaging Detail:Standard wooden cases
Delivery Detail:It depend on your order time

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