Ultrafiltration device and film application

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Ultrafiltration device and film application
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Ultrafiltration device and film application

Technology of ultrafiltration film

Application of ultrafiltration technology possesses the leading statu in the fruit juice clarification technology in china. The fruit juice newly compressed contains many sorts of substances pectin, chipping of flesh, amylum, protein, solid suspending sub-starnce, metabolizing of microbe, which make fruit juice turbidness.

Method that adopts ultrafiltration to clarify for fruit juice can make micro molecule such as sugar organic acid and water permeate film to withhold most macromolecule substance of fruit juice to obtain fruit juice clarified and sterilized. Aidfiltering agent isn’t used in the ultrafiltration course with short process and low labour cost, which is the economic and efficient method of fruit juice clarification. Enzyme preparations of industry manufacture is usually separated and purified. There are many shortcomings in traditional method vacuum evaporation and solvent extraction. Nowadays it adopts ultrafiltration technology to separate and concentrate enzyme of preparations, which can be operated with normal temperature to conquer the effect that product quality of ferment preparations is changed due to heat; it exclude impurity of micro molecule in the enzyme preparation to ensure the pureness of filtering course, low cost and energy consumption compared with convenient running. So it quickly becomes to be the first choice of separation and concentration technology in industry of biology and medicine

Ultrafiltration film is a film filtering between micro-filtering and nanometer-filter, which is applied to separation, concentration and purification of substance. Its token is that withhold amount of molecule while it is used. It’s mainly used to separate macro-molecule, colloid and micro molecule substance such as mote solvent in liquor, which make macromolecule, colloid and mote etc withhold on the film surface; then substance cycle to flow to form concentration liquid and reach the aim of separation, concentration and purification of substance. The applied field of ultrafiltration film is food, drink, biology and medicine, industry of fine chemicals and treatment and reclaim to use of waste water.

Applied Filed

Clarification and concentration of dairy, fruit juice, vegetable juice etc.

Extraction of available ingredient of animal and plant(aloe, Grosvenor momordica, tea etc)

Extraction and concentration of soy protein, oligosaccharide, isoflavone

Purification and concentration of antibiotic, amino acid VC and other ferment liquid

Purification and separation of available ingredient of injection of Chinese traditional medicine upleurum Chinese thorowax radix bupleuri, root of red-rooted salvia, root of large-flowered skullcap etc)

Medical pure water to sterilize, to remove pyrogen; concentration and separation of medicament

Purification and concentration of amylase substance (glossy ganoderma, polypurious frondosus, mushroom etc)

Desalting and concentration of fluorescence whitener

Reclaiming of electrophoresis paint and recycling of eau douce

Recycling of PVA of waste liquid for weaving de sizing, recycling of processing oil and agent for fiber, lanolin recycling of waste water for washing hair)

Super-pure water of semi-conductor industry, terminal treatment of clean out water of IC

Water treatment project: mineral water preparation, drinking water cl-eanse, super-filtering as pre-treatment of reverse osmosis.

Waste water disposal project: industry water disposal, disposal ad recycling of municipal waste water.

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