UF-90 Ultra-filtration (UF) Water Treatment System

1. To purify water for bottling line and pretreatment system, 2. Mineral water, 3. Capacity: 1000-100000L/H, 4. CE, UL, ISO - details see: https://www.machineto.com/uf-90-ultra-filtration-uf-water-treatment-system-10025058
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:SunswellModel Number:UFProcessing Types:Water
Processing:Water Treatment System,Filterwater treatment:water treatment systemRO:RO systemcarbon filter:sand filter
precision filter:water filtermineral water:drinking waterUF:ultra filterwater purification:water filteration
clean water:water filterstill water:RO waterwater treatment plant:water filtering 
UF-90 Ultra-filtration (UF) Water Treatment System
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UF-90 Ultra-filtration (UF) Water Treatment System

Capacity: 90,000L/hr


UF system is widely used in processing of mineral water, which features easy operation, less labor force and low running cost.

Composition of Water Treatment System

1. Pre-treatment System.

Pre-treatment system is composed of mechanical filter, active carbon filter and precision filter. The water temperature requires 25±3°C.

Mechanical filter can remove most of suspension, colloid and grain impurity, which can ensure initial purification of water.

2. UF system

UF system is composed of high-pressure pump, UF system and chemical cleaning device.

During running, UF membrane may form some deposit and chemical cleaning device is equipped for periodical cleaning to ensure stable running of UF system.

High-pressure pump is the power source of UF system. To UF system on sound running condition, high-pressure pump equips inlet/outlet pressure switch. When inlet pressure is less than set value (water lack P<0.05Mpa) or outlet pressure is higher than set value, pressure switch send signal to PLC programming system and high-pressure pump and UF system will stop in avoidance of destroying to UF membrane because of water pressure.

UF system can wash surface of UF membrane by low-pressure timely and periodically.


NO.Machine nameQty.
Raw Water Tank1 set
Raw Water Pump
Quartz sand filter1 set
Active carbon filter1 set
Sodium ion exchange1 set
Precision filter1 set
Ultra-filter1 set
Ozone generator1 set
Ozone mixer1 set
Pure water pump1 set
Pure water tank1 set
Piping and valves1 set

UF-1 Ultra-filtration (UF) Water Treatment System

Capacity: 1,000L/hr

UF-90 Ultra-filtration (UF) Water Treatment System
Packaging Detail:Seaworthy wooden cases.
Delivery Detail:20-70 days

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