TWINe hollow fiber filter

1, Latest features which can develop water are loaded up.2, Easy operation3, Space-saving Design - details see: //
Processing:FilterPlace of Origin:JapanBrand Name:OSGModel Number:Te
Voltage (V):0Power (W):0Type:Activated CarbonUse:Faucet-Mounted
Feature:Eco-FriendlyMaterial:PlasticUtensils Type:purifier 
TWINe hollow fiber filter
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TWINe can create a big difference in safe and taste.

Many latest features which can develop water purifier are adopted to “TWINe” in order to drink more delicious water easily.

It can make a deep cut lead and trihalomethane by enhanced performance filter.

It is new and easy to use! 21st century water purifier “TWINe” can be available for not only coffee and tea but also washing rice and vegetable, and cooking. “TWINe” can create a big difference.

Latest features which can develop water are loaded up.

Purification ability is 2.5 times up comparing with previous product.

Free residual chlorine: 15,000L removal (a year → 41L/day)

- It can removal odor of chlorine and mold.

- It can removal harmful agrichemical.

1,Lead removal filter

It can remove 6,000L of lead. (a year → 16L/day)

2,Antibacterial activated carbon filter

It can remove 6,000L of trihalomethane. (a year → 16L/day)

3, Micro filter

It can remove bacteria, rust, and turbidness.

Everyone can figure out the replacement period at one view by new adoption indicator for cartridge replacement.

Easy operation

3 types of water flow

It can be changed 3 types of water flow such as purifier water, raw water shower, and raw water straight. Purifier water flows from outlet for purifier water.

Amount of flowing is 3L/min.

Enough amount of flowing for cooking and washing vegetable.

Blundering prevention function

Warm water stopper (work over 42°C) is installed into diverter.

It can prevent to flow warm water into water purifier by drain.

Space-saving Design

You can choose where to place because it is the return method.

- Wall-hanging is available.

Stylish future-oriented shape

Fresh-white color and good sense design

Packaging Detail:Export package
Delivery Detail:3 months

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