Macromolecule disk filter

For filtering of beer, wine, fruit wine, health care wine, syrup, vinegar, beverage and chemical product. - details see: //
Processing:FilterPlace of Origin:Hunan China (Mainland)Brand Name:LINHAIModel Number:LGL-15
Processing Types:Other-:-  
Macromolecule disk filter
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Diatomite round disk vertical filter is an exclusive filtration machine that our company researched and developed. It has low demand on the temperature of the filtered liquid and uses diatomite as the filter aids. It has very good filtration effect for beer, wine, fruit wine, health care wine, syrup, vinegar, beverage and chemical product. Filter element can be stainess steel round plate or macromolecule disk filter. The machine is very convenient in use and it has automatic cleaning and centrifugal diatomite unloading device. The filter sheets circumvolve automatically when cleaning, so disassembling is unnecessary which leads to Low labor intensity and high production efficiency.


  1. Pre-coat is homogeneous and stable. The filter media will not break off or penetrate through the filter sheet even if the pressure changed. This has enhanced the filter precision and ensured the filter quality.
  2. It does not need continuous working. You may stop the machine on the midway at any time and carry through re-filtration. The pre-coat will not be destroyed even with sudden power cutting.
  3. Filter aids’ adding and machine cleaning are using transducer with speed adjustable to control.

Main technical data and specification:

Filtration area(m2)
Tank diameter(mm)300400500600700
Filtration sheet diameter(mm)250330380480580
Filtration sheet quantity3045505050
Working pressure(Mpa)≤0.2≤0.2≤0.2≤0.2≤0.2
Total power(kw)1.12.754.756.258.25
Inlet pipe diameter(mm)3845455764
Outlet pipe diameter(mm)3838455050

Packaging Detail:Standard export packing.
Delivery Detail:30 days

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