RO Pure Water Filter Machine/Water Treatment Machine

1) Reverse Osmosis System, 2) microzcomputer, 3) Water Softener equiped Autotrol meter, 4) Guandfos pump, 5) FRP pretreatmen - details see: //
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:XiafeiModel Number:RO-1000I(1000LPH)Processing Types:Water
Processing:Water Treatment System,FilterWarranty:1 yearNumber of the RO membrane:4pcsControl Mode:Full automatic
Installation:FreePipe system:Blue PVCControl Method:Automatic and manual 
RO Pure Water Filter Machine/Water Treatment Machine
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RO Water Treatment Equipment / Water Purification system 1000L/H
RO Water Purifier,RO Water Filter System with Softener

Multi-stage media filtration for pre-treatment, and RO unit for main filtration, polishing treatment of UV system and Ozone system.

General features:

1) RO system automatic control for flush and backwash. with Auto water softener.

2) C.I.P. chemical cleaning system for RO membrane.

3) Chemical dosing port for unti-scaling and PH adjustment for optional choice.

4) U-PVC pipe and fitting for low pressure part, SS304 pipe for high pressure part.

5) LG PLC control system with water level control

6) Auto pump protection for electric shortage, pressure protection, water level protection.

Water application:

1) Suitable water source: Tap water, surface well water

2) Inlet water TDS limit: Below 2000ppm (for other water source, please provide us water report for detailed analysis for choosing other brand of RO membrane)

3) Water recovery ratio: 70%

4) RO membrane salt rejection ratio: 99.6%

5) Treated water TDS range: 30 to 50ppm. (Bottled water standard)

General parameters:

1) Power consumption: 3.75Kw

2) RO membrane: ESPA4040 x 4pcs

3) Membrane housing: SS304

4) Silica sand filter: 150kgs

5) Coconut active carbon filter: 50kgs

6) Micron filter: 5 micron

General dimension:

1) Equipment dimension: 1980 x 900 x 1940mm

2) Weight: 450kgs

Optional choice:

1) RO membrane: Filmtec brand

2) Pump: Grundfos

3) Ozone system

4) UV sterilizer

5) SS304 water storage tank

6) Chemical dosing system

Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:30 days

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