Hollow fiber super filter

This hollow fiber super filter/ultrafiltration is an mineral water filter which is used in mineral water treatment device. - details see: //www.machineto.com/hollow-fiber-super-filter-10025515
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:JiashunProcessing Types:WaterProcessing:Water Treatment System,Filter
Hollow fiber super filter
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Hollow fiber super-filter
suitable for mineral / spring water or the water used in juice filter/water treatment

The hollow fiber filter ultrafiltration adopts screw slip-joint.It mainly separates arganic materal, colloid, ultra-small particle,bacterium; Also in micro molecule substance such as mote solvent in liquor, which make macromolecule, colloid and mote etc withhold on the film surface; then substance cycle to flow to form concentration liquid and reach the aim of separation, concentration and purification of substance. It has good effect on cleaning,sterilizing and concentrating bimolecule material.

Ultrafiltration film filtering between micro-filtering and manometer-filter, which is applied to separation, concentration and purification of substance.The general super filter device needs fixing pump and chemical cleaning device.

The super filter has two types:ultraliter and concentration.Its outpot is from 0.3m3/hour to 20m3/hour.

Pre-water treatment system

Quartz sand, active carbon filter and water softer

The detail filter equipment is regarding for the customer's water source analysis.

If there is any requirement, please feel free to contact us- Zhangjiagang Jiashun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Rebekah Lu

Packaging Detail:Five layer wooden cases, filters are also packing with tight film
Delivery Detail:25 days

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