RITZ submersible motor

we can provide the RITZ standard submersible motor,the type is 1234a/4-185KW,380V/50HZ/4P - details see: http://www.machineto.com/ritz-submersible-motor-10238326
Place of Origin:Tianjin China (Mainland)Brand Name:tsemmModel Number:1215-1234a/2high:blue
Usage:IndustrialProtect Feature:WaterproofFunction:ControlStructure:Asynchronous Motor
Phase:Three PhaseSpeed:High SpeedShape:Tubular 
RITZ submersible motor
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1,General Description

1215a/2,1218a/2,1222a/2 and 1228a/2 three-phase asychronous water submersible motors are of German design,These motors are filled with water,chiefly used to directly drive deep well pumps in 6’’,8’’,10’’12’’casings in order to lift under ground water for city and industrial water supply as well as for mine drainage and farm irrigation.

These motors are perfect in design and simple in construction with the features of low-noice,energy efficient,excellent performance reliability and easy maintenance.

Bearings of latest design are made of best quality materials,thus the motor can operate under high axial thrust and longer motor run life can be guaranteed.

2.Technical Data

1) Rated Voltage:380V three phase A.C. 50HZ

A,2 pole synchronous speed:3000RPM

B,4 pole synchronous speed:1500RPM

2) Motor operates continuously

3) Motor’s rated output can be guaranteed when rated voltage deviation does not exceed ±1%

3.Working Conditions

1) The motor should be completely submerged in water,it is highest position should be below the moving water level,it is lowest position to well bottom should be no less than 5 meters.

2) Well water should be generally clean,containing sand no greater than 0.01%(by weight)

3) Well water temperature should not exceed +20°C

4) Well water contains no chemical corrosives,PH value with in 6.5-8.5.

5) When used in a pool or casing ID lager than specified,a should be added.the shroud should be long enough to cover the motor and the first two stages(see fig 2)

Required dimensions see table below:

Motor type1215a/21218a/21222a/21228a/2
Max.Casing ID8’’10’’12’’14’’
Shroud ID(mm)200250300340


Motor consists of stator,rotor,upper and lower guide bearings,thrust bearing,base and seal assembly etc.for motor construction in detail,see Fig 3

1) Motor is of sealed construction,All rabbets and bolted areas are provided with O rings and sealed with sealinig compound,.the shaft extension is sealed with grease(or mechanical seals),A compensation bag is installed at the lower end to equalize the motor’s internal water contract and expansion pressure with the well water submergence pressure.

2) Stator:stator windings are wound with high quality polyethylene insulated winding wire thus ensuring excellent insulation and water-resistant characteristics.

3) Rotor is of squirrel-cage

4) Upper and lower guide bearings are made of wear-resistant materials,thus ensuring excellent wear-resistant and heat-resistant characteristics.

5) Pivot thrust bearings are made of special wear-resistant materials,capable of takinig heavy axial thrust from the pump.

6) To increase the ability of heat dissipation,heat exchangers should be used for motors above 1228-120KW.

Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:25 days

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