pure water purifier 1-50T/H RO filter system

pure water purifier, 1.Material: polished stainless steel 3042. 1-50T/H, 3. mineral water purified system - details see: //www.machineto.com/pure-water-purifier-1-50t-h-ro-filter-system-10024734
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:XINMAOModel Number:WTSProcessing Types:Water
Processing:Water Treatment System,FilterMaterial:polished SUS304/316capacity:1-50T/H 
pure water purifier 1-50T/H RO filter system
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pure water purifier, RO water purify system

These machines is used to make the raw water like river water, underground water, well water to be drink water.

Quartz sand filter

This device is used in the first filtration of water
treatment. It consists in 304stainless steel. There is quartz sand inside. It divides
coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand. It can remove dirty and other big

Active carbon filter

Activated carbon filter is used in the second
filtration of water treatment and filter medium is activated carbon. It can adsorb
Hg, plum bum and other heavy metal, organic contamination, odor and improve
water sense

Ion exchange device

The ion exchange soften machine is used for cutting
down hardness of water

RO reverse osmosis equipment:

Reverse Osmosis is the device that uses semi-permeable membrane under the pressure difference’s function to make the salt water desalination and purification. It is on the contrary of natural direction, so it is called reverse osmosis. It can remove more than 97% solubility of salts in the water and more than 99% of the gel, micro-organisms, and particulate organic matter and so on. It is the first choice equipment of modern water and purified water. RO usually has I and II

Ozone sterilizer

Used oxygen as the gas source, oxygen made by the oxygen generator can also be used as the gas source. The formed ozone is high concentration, excluded nitrogen. The machine is small and easy to operate low-cost, easy maintenance. Ozone production can be adjustable.

We can offer a whole bottled beverage production line include water purify system,raw fruit processing system(for fresh juice), blending system,filling and packing system, bottle blowing machine.

Your bottle can be PET, glass and tin can.

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Packaging Detail:sterilized wooden case packing
Delivery Detail:15 days

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