stainlss steel pure water filter system water treatment

1.steel multi-medium filter, 2.wipe off the smell and rest chlorine of the original water, 3.high efficiency - details see: //
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:xuanchenModel Number:xcProcessing Types:Water
Processing:Water Treatment System,Filterhost material:stainless steelusage:water treatmentmedium:stainless steel multi-medium filter/active carbon filter
stainlss steel pure water filter system water treatment
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stainlss steel pure water filter water treatment

Pure water ultracting machine adopts stainless steel multi-medium filter, active carbon filter effectively to remove big impure particles and suspending matters, improve RO film water inputting index, effectively remove the smell and rest chlorine of the original water, and improve the taste of water quality. The main machine adopts American high effective low-pressure compound film, with single film salt removing degree up to 99%. The high low-pressure protection imported from Korea ensures the breakdown low to 0.1%, with the outputting water up to national pure water standard.


Reverse osmosis unit composed of mechanical filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, RO unit, ultraviolet radiation sterilization device and original water pump etc.


1. electronic industrial production such as monocrystalline silicon semiconductor integrated circuit piece, tube, glass shell, LCD monitors and other manufacturing industry with pure water.

2. pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical technology water, medical hemodialysis, biochemical analysis, infusion, etc.
3. heat, coal-fired power boiler, soft water, pure water without salt in mines and low-pressure boiler.
4. drink industry: drinking distilled water and purified water, mineral water, wine production with liquor blending pure water, beer feed water and pure draft beer filtration and so on.
5. the hotel, building, community water supply network system and swimming pool water purification.
6. plating processes: deionizer water, pure water of battery production process, car, home appliances, building materials product surface coating, cleaning water, coated glass pure water, textile printing and salt water dyeing process required.
7. petroleum chemical industry: chemical reaction cooling, chemicals, fertilizers and fine chemical, cosmetics manufacturing process technology with pure water.
Machine can offer customized according to customer request
Packaging Detail:export standart wooden package
Delivery Detail:within 20 days

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