PCD Reamer Tools

CBN super hard & PCD diamond tooling series, (materials: GE/DeBeers/Sumitomo Eiectric) - details see: //www.machineto.com/pcd-reamer-tools-10150396
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:LZQMaterial:Alloy SteelType:Bridge Reamer
PCD Reamer Tools
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We can produce step and chamfering drill bit or produce in batch according to requirements and size tolerance of drawings, samples. Sometimes the precision of drilled hole is affected by environment etc, and vary according to cutting conditions, cutting fluid and cutting etc. For type HP drill bit of less thanφ12, can't produce internal cooling hole drill bit.

LZQ is possessed of cutting-edge & comprehensive production system, as well as rich producing & machining capability with different precision technology , so as to realize high efficiency application.

From high-class products (via 6-axis/ 7-axis Blocking CNC-machine Tool (Class-AAA))to medium-class products (via 3-axis/ 4-axis Blocking CNC-machine Tool (Class-D)), different quality and price, our reliable products can replace to first-class products, and we are professional in wholesale, R&D, producing & processing, as well as design revision according to client's designs and samples of special, non-standard, abnormal shape and new products with high cost-performance ratio, also our on-demand service will decrease your comprehensive cost greatly!

Referencing to the page footer, please provide your sample and specify the detailed specification, material type, size tolerance, drawing of semi-product and finished product, applied equipment, equipment value (RMB, to judge its market value is rigid or floating), monthly consumed quantity, type of original product and its deficiency, when you make inquiry. What is the processed material and its HRC?

Packaging Detail:custom
Delivery Detail:1-3weeks

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