Juices Filter Press Machinery

Filter peach juice, date juice and other juices. - details see: //www.machineto.com/juices-filter-press-machinery-10025157
Processing:FilterPlace of Origin:ES,SpainBrand Name:TEFSAModel Number:PEH-1000, 1500 & 2000,PEH-1500
Processing Types:JuiceFlavor:PeachType:Fresh-SqueezedFilter press for juice:Juice filter press
Juices Filter Press Machinery
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Overhead filter presses for peach juice, date juice and other juice.
* superior design ensures higher safety.
Overhead filter presses present a triangle sharped
Force distribution instead of the conventional linear
This design procides stronger and safer frame
Constructions capable of holding up to 175 plates of
2000 mm X 2000mm.
* mechanisms simplification: less
The overhead filter press has a more simple plate
Transport mechanism. It is housed between the
Overhead I-shaped beams. This characteristic has
The following advantages:
Longer life of the transport mechanism with less
Installation of one sole transport mechanisms
Which avoids synchornization problems.
Placement of all transport mechanisms in the
Cleanest area of the filter press, avoiding
Contamination and interferance with the product.
* inspection facility and discharge
The overhead filter press allows the following
Easier inspection, better cake discharge and
Easier overall maintenance.
Reduction of cake residue on the frames of the
Plate leading eliminating leakage.
* easier access when changing filter
The overhead filter press allows complete all-round
Access to the entire plates and filter cloths
Surfaces, offering the following advantages:
No need to retrieve or disassemble the plate from
The filter press.
No requirements for an overhead crane or further
Auxiliary devices.
No need to have a second plate pack for time
Saving purposes.
A quicker filter cloth changing process.
Operation can be carried out with only one
Automatic plate transport: peh and pseh systems
The pseh automatic plate transport system is based on a cable with carriage with two way movements. The plate are transported one by one within the discharge area. On one side of press the drive is placed with the corresponding motor-reductor
Connected to the cable transmission shaft and linked
By a clutch by means of an elastic coupling.
* individul and consecutive plate transport system.
* excellent discharge control and cake inspection.
* plate transport mechanism reduction with minimum
Maintenance requirements.
* pseh-sl and peh-sl models are available with
Sidebars on higher level.
The peh automatic plate transport system is based
On a double chain system with transport hooks that slide over the plate transport carriages.
Each transport hook engages a plate during the continuous movement of the system, achieving a
Complete plate pack discharge in a very short period
Of time.
Continuous plate transport system.
* extremely fast discharge due to the high speed of
The system which can be regulated by the
Frequency variator.
* ideal for installations with short filtration cycles and
With large solids production.
Packaging Detail:Export standard packing
Delivery Detail:90-120 days

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