Drinking water treatment reverse osmosis filter system

Drinking water treatment reverse osmosis filter system, 1.Mineral / pure water, 2.Capacity:0-20 tons /h, 3.CE,ISO - details see: http://www.machineto.com/drinking-water-treatment-reverse-osmosis-filter-system-10024858
Processing:Filter,filterCondition:NewPlace of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:JST
Model Number:1st ROProcessing Types:WaterVoltage:made to client's orderPower(W):2kw
Weight:1000kgsCertification:CE,ISOFilters::Sand filter ,Active carbon fiter ,Sodium ion filterWater:Pure water ,spring water ,mineral water
Material:SS304Name:Drinking water treatment reverse osmosis filter systemWarranty:12monthsfeature:single stage
Drinking water treatment reverse osmosis filter system
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Drinking water treatment reverse osmosis filter system

Sand filter :
1.Inside filled medium: quartz sand (made from crushing natural quartz)
2.Principle: the filter purifying water with granular or ungranular material of certain thickness.
3.When there are too many impurities in filtering layer, the hole shall be blocked and then stream resistance shall increase, filtering speed shall reduce.
4.So as to keep original filtering speed, it must be washed repeatedly to get rid of all impurities leaving in filtered material.

Active carbon filter :
1.It is compose with active carbon layer and supporting layer. Active carbon has good holes. The holes have high adsorbed ability. Because of this, it is used in many industries. After working for a long time, active adsorb many material to tend to a saturation state. So, it we should change active carbon or make it regenerates.
2.The supporting layer is used in preventing the loss of active carbon from the equipment; it is also helpful to make water equality.

Sodiun ion exchanger :
The ion exchange soften machine is used for cutting down hardness of water. Raw water goes through the exchanger from top to bottom, to be soften by the sodium ion-exchanger inside the divice. The positive ions of magnesium and calcium are exchanged with that of sodium. Then the raw water become soft water containing very few magnesium and calcium ion

Drinking water treatment reverse osmosis filter system

Single-pass Reverse Osmosis system: the water treated by RO system can be utilized directly. Dual-pass Reverse Osmosis namely the water produced by Single-pass Reverse Osmosis will be treated by RO Membrane again; therefore it is called Dual-pass Reverse Osmosis. The RO equipment can be equipped with domestic famous brand components or imported components according to customers’ requirement. The equipped RO membranes are: Hydranautics, DOW, Toroy, Osmonics, Koch etc., of which the Salt Rejection rate are above 98%, max 99.7%. It can efficiently ensure the water quality. Reverse osmosis is widely applied in various of water production factories, pharmaceutical industry, brewage industry, beverage industry, food industry, industrial water, demineralization of brackish water etc..

Packaging Detail:Drinking water treatment reverse osmosis filter system packed in wooden cases
Delivery Detail:within 30 days once we fet 30% deposit

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