Dehydration and degassing oil filter production

1)Oil filter production line, 2)Dehydrating and degassing, 3)Precise filtration, 4)High cleanness, 5)ISO9001 &TUV Rheinlad - details see:
Place of Origin:Chongqing China (Mainland)Brand Name:WANMEIModel Number:DYJ-500After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
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Dehydration and degassing oil filter production
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Dehydration and degassing oil filter production

General Description:

DYJ series oil purifier is a kind of multi-function equipment for dehydration, degassing, and purification process of lubricating oil. It is developed and produced by Wanmei company to deal with different kinds of lubricating oils of various types of kinematical viscosity and flash point. It is ideal equipment for factories, mines, and other enterprises to purify different kinds of lubricating oils. The double-stage and multi-stage oil purifier are more efficient in their operation.

In view of customers’ special requirement, we have also developed DYJ-B series of semi-automatic lubricating oil purifier, DYJ-Q automatic multi-function lubricating oil purifier and DYJ-Ex anti-explosion multi-function lubricating oil purifier. It is suitable to work in different conditions.

Application scope: It is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, oil field, chemistry, mine, electric power generation plant, transportation and manufacturing enterprises for hydraulic oil, gear oil, engine oil, compression oil, freezer oil, heat treatment oil, refrigerator oil, etc. It can quickly break emulsion in oil, remove water, gas and mechanical impurities, light acid and light hydrocarbon from oil, and improve oil quality, resume its lubricating property and ensure normal operation of the equipment.

Typical Characteristics:

1. Super ability in breaking emulsion, dehydration and degassing process. Import and adopting advanced technique in big-cubage, reinforced three-dimension flash distillation column, coalescence and separation technique, thin film evaporation technique and large area multi-level separation technique and spraying technique, so as to remove water, gas and light hydrocarbon materials efficiently and quickly from oil.

2. Precise multi stage filtration system. Adopting high-quality filter element and sealing material with corrosion proof, high temperature resistance and excellent mechanical strength, it is suitable even for purification process of high-viscosity oil under rather high temperature conditions and thus expanding its application scope. It greatly helps remove metal and mechanical particulates thoroughly and effectively from oil.

3. Safe and reliable electrical heating system. The electrical heater is installed with vortex tube heating element to keep the temperature even and constant, with the merits of quick heating, inter cycling, auto overload protection, and free preset of temperature range.

4. Advanced auto control system. The equipment is installed with advanced high pressure protection device, float and infrared oil level controller and auto de-foaming system. It can work on line and on site without human supervision. If the fine filter is blocked by impurities and the working pressure increases, the whole machine will stop automatically.

5. Efficient air-cooling and condensation system, It is installed with air cooling radiator to cool down steam, gases and air from the vacuum distillation column. Steam is condensed into water and leads to the water drainage tank. Air and gases is let out to atmosphere.

6. Reliable quality for efficient operation. Major parts of the equipment are of first class quality in the world. Electrical control apparatus are imported from France. Aluminum electrical control cabinet is of high efficiency for heat transfer and anti-explosion.

7. Light and sound alarm system. The equipment is installed with auto alarming system, it will give out light and sound alarms and stop the whole machine when electrical motor, vacuum pump, oil pump, heater are overloaded and pressure abnormal.

8. Automatic oil purifier series is installed with PLC (programmable logical computer system), which can control the equipment automatically to every stage of its process and ensure its safe operation on site and on line without human supervision.

9. Optional parts. The equipment can also be installed with digital flow meter and timer for auto calculating and recording oil volume and working time. (it’s optional according to user’s requirement)

Advanced separation technique adopted in our machine:
* Magnetic separation technique to remove metallic particulates from oil
* Coalescence separation technique to remove free water from the oil
* Vacuum distillation technique to break emulsion and remove water and light hydro carbon material
* Aerification separation technique to remove air and gases from oil
* Pressure filtration technique to remove solid particulates from oil
* Liquid film fine filtration technique to remove micro impurities from oil
* Absorbing technique to remove acid, alkali and colloidal materials

Process Description:
The oil is sucked by vacuum into the oil purifier and firstly comes into an electrical heater to a range of adjustable temperature from 40 -- 60°C. Secondly the oil passes through a magnetic coarse filter to get rid of bigger grains of solid particulates. It then comes into a coalescence and separation filter to get rid of moisture. The filter element is made of oil oriented material and only oil can easily get through the filter while the free and dissolved water is condensed and separated on the surface of the element and finally drained out from the bottom of the filter. Then the oil is led to a flash distillation column, where the oil is sprayed and forms into thin film of 0.025mm. In the course of its going down to the bottom of the column, the oil is thoroughly de-emulsified, dehydrated and degasified under vacuum condition in the column. The steam is condensed and drained out, hydrocarbon and gasses are led out by the vacuum pump to the atmosphere. The treated oil is led out after going through another fine filter for further precise filtration.


A. check and adjust after oil purifier works for a period of time
1. all the electric control apparatus
2. temperature controller
3. oil seals and motor couplings
4. clean filter elements, check pumps and motors
5. all the pipes for leaking
B. Clean the motor and change the lubricating grease
C. Check and add specified lubricating oil to vacuum pump,
D. If oil purifier is not in use for one month or more, put it on a dry, flat ground, close all valves and electric cabinet, cove the whole machine with canvas.

The result of purified oil and before.

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