Agitated Nutsche Filter For Food Industries

Capacity 200 Ltrs - 20,000 Ltrs, Diameter 500 mm - 4,000 mm, RPM 12 - 20, Jacket pressure : 6 Kg/sq. cm - details see:
Place of Origin:Maharashtra IndiaBrand Name:UDEModel Number:ANF'sPresure / Vacuum Nutchse Filters:Silver
Agitated Nutsche Filter For Food Industries
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Agitated Nutsche Filter

ANF with electromechanical drive

In addition to filtration and drying systems, we haveadded variousproducts, process equipmentand othervalue additionsto support our clients,on package basis. We would like to highlight some of them and they are as follows:

  1. Filtration and Drying Equipments:

We provide cost effective and most efficient solutions to filtration and drying problems.

a) Agitated Nutsche Filters

b) Rotary Vacuum Drying Systems

c) Tumbling Dryers

d) Double Cone Vacuum Dryers

e) Hollow Shaft Screw Dryers

f) Ball Mills

g) Rotary Dryers

h) Filter cum Dryers etc.

i) High Pressure Autoclaves

j) Blenders / Coolers

  1. Heating Systems:

a) Hot water generators

b) Hot Air Generators – Direct Fired, Indirect Fired, Steam, Hot Oil circulated etc.

c) Dowtherm Heating Systems

  1. 3. Other Process Equipments:

a) Reactors

b) Columns

c) Vessels

d) Shell and tube exchangers

e) Condensers

f) Inter & after coolers

g) Re-tubing of tube bundles with exotic tube materials – SS, CS, AS, Copper, Cupro-nickel, Brass admiralty brass, Aluminum brass etc.

  1. The complete design & building layout to facilitate the equipment positioning, piping layouts which help to carry out civil work accordingly.
  2. In general, we have handled wide range of materials of construction such as mild steels, stainless steels, hastalloy, incolloy, M.S. lined with special materials, FRV, FRP, Rubber, PP, PTFE, PVDF etc.

You may visit ourwebsite: www.ultradrytech.comfor more details.

Packaging Detail:Sea Worthy Packing
Delivery Detail:12 Weeks

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