Chemical bag filter housing system

Product name: Bag Filter, Material: Stainless steel, MOQ: 30-year manufacturing experience, Certificate: CE, ISO,SGS - details see:
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:TAIKANGAfter-sales Service Provided:Overseas service center availableProduct name:Stainless Steel Bag Filter
Chemical bag filter housing system
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Stainless Steel Bag Filter

Product Range :

Single bag stainless steel filter

Multi bag stainless steel filter

Duplex bag stainless steel filter

Double walled bag stainless steel filter

Product Description

Bag filter is a kind of multi-purpose filter equipment with new structure, small volume, simple operation, energy saving, high Efficiency, closed working and strong adaptability.

This is a sort of pressure filter, liquid flows into the filter bag through an inlet outside of the machine, the filter bag itself is built In a reinforced net, required liquid can be obtained only after it goes through the filter bag because solids and granules are Captured. It's very easy to change the filter bag and basically no extra materials are required.

Application scopes:


2. Madication acupuncture\big transfusion\eyedrop\Chinese traditional medicine;

3. Electron\micro-electronics\semiconductor;

4. Oil field\boiler\chemical\pesticide;

5. Pure water\mineral water\fruit juice\tea drink\health care drink;

6. Distilled spirit\wine\beer\yellow wine and other ratafee.

1. Water treatment:

Purification system for cooling equipments, oil-field flooding, soild free completion fluid filtration, condensation water purification for power station, wastewater treatment, pure water, condensation water, sea water desalinization, etc.

2. Chemicals:

Reclaiming catalyzer, acid, alkali, adhesive, lubricating oil, etc.

3. Car manufacturing:

Electrophoretic coating filtration, hardener filtration, solvent filtration, etc.

4. Alumtimber:

Phosphate bath filtration, reclaiming precious metals, etc.

5. Electronic industry:

Printed-wiring board, galvanizing baths, wafer treatment liquid filtration, etc.

6. Fine chemicals:

Detergent filtration, coconut oil scouring, etc.

7. Petrochemical industry:

Reclaiming oil, desulfidation of oil and gas, chloramine-T filtration, paint, resin, printing oil, etc.

8. Food and beverage:

Fruit juice, beer, drinking water, suger, etc.

9. Pharmaceuticals industry:

Reclaiming GMP, vitamin extraction, reclaiming protein and activated carbon, etc

Product Feature:

Material of Body: Stainless steel 304, 316L, 904L

Surface finish: Polished, Sand blasted, Acid washing and pickling

Diameter: 206mm

Bag size: 1 #, 2#, 4#

Connect way: Flange, Thread, clamp

Max Operating pressure: 150Psi

Max Operating temperature: 250F

Product advantage:

Well sealed, no side leaking

Large effective filtration area

High filtration efficiency

Filter bag can be replaced easily

Small product size, large filtration capacity

Steady quality, long using life

Technical parameter:

ModelDL 1-1DL 1-2DL 1-3DL 1-4DL 3-2DL 4-2DL 5-2DL 6-2DL 8-2DL 10-2DL 12-2DL 15-2DL 21-2
Bag quantity(pcs)11113456810121521
Filter area(m2)
Max flow rate(T/h)1530305090120150180240300360450630
Operating date(Mpa)0.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.80.1-0.8
Max temperature120120120120120120120120120120120120120
Delivery Detail:15 DAYS

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