For Perkins Air Filter SEV551H/4

Air filter for Perkins Eng., 1.Delievery fast;, 2.OEM are welcome;, 3.OEM NO.SEV551H/4 - details see:
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:GAIModel Number:KL0551h/4After-sales Service Provided:No overseas service provided
Type:Air filterOEM:SEV551H/4Be suitable for:Perkins Eng.OD:520 MM
Hight:280 MM   
For Perkins Air Filter SEV551H/4
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Air filter SEV551H/4 For Perkins Eng.

Product details information:

Replaces OEM No.:



FG Wilson10000-12122

Materials:100% wood pulp filter paper,PU(poly urethane) rubber and Zinc plated lozenge net.
Application:Perkins Eng.
Packing Details:One piece in polybag to be put in one box,1 boxes to be packed in one catron,Or according to coustomer's packing instruction.

More OEM No. refrence as follow:


OIL FILTER: 2654403 26540244 2654407 2654408 CH10929 2654A111 CV2473 SE111B 26540238 26540237

FUEL/ FUEL WATER SEPARATOR FILTER:26561117 26560163 26560201 CH10930 CH10931 26560143 26560145 2656F853 2656F843 SE429B/4 SE429 OD19596

AIR FILTER: 26510342 26510362 26510337 26510380 26510353 26510289 135326206 135326205 CH11217 CV20948 CV9685 SEV551F/4 SEV551/4 SE551/4 CH11038 etc.


OIL FILTER: LF3000 LF670 LF777 LF3325 LF9000 LF9001 LF9080 LF9024 LF9009 LF9050 LF3349 LF678 LF3345 LF667 LF691A etc.

FUEL /WATER SEPARATOR FILTER: FF202 FS1006 FS1216 WF2126 WF2054 FS1280 FS1212 FS1000 WF2075 WF2073 WF2051 FF5052 FF5369W FF105 FF105D etc.

AIR FILTER: AH1100 AH1101 AH1135 AH1103 AH1183 AH1190 AH1196 AH19220 AH1198 AH1136 AH19037 AH1440 AF4548 AF928 AF25278 AF872 AF478 AF1969 AF1850 AF1811 AF25078 AF947 etc.


OIL FILTER: 1R-1808 1R-0716 1R-0739 1R-0762 1R-1807 1R-0722 1R-0726 1R-0719 1R-0729 1R-0721 1R-0741 1R-0735 1G-8878 4I-3948 5I-8670X etc.

FUEL/WATER SEPARATOR FILTER: 1R-0749 1R-0756 1R-0724 1R-0725 133-5673 1R-0770 1R-0771 1R-0781 326-1643 326-1644 etc.

AIR FILTER: 142-1339 142-1340 6I-2501 6I-2503 6I-2505 6I-2507 6I-2509 6I-0273 106-3969 246-5009 132-7168 8X-4575 4N-0015 6L-4714 8N-6309 4P-0710 etc.


ECC085001 ECC125004 ECC085004 ECC085002 ECC105004 ECB105006 ECB085001 ECC105003 ECB120376 P782936 P182042 P520620 P141228

Packaging Detail:ourselves packing,neutral packing or customized packing
Delivery Detail:15-20 days

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