cheap ndfeb disk magnet,motor magnet

cheap ndfeb disk magnet1.custom size&grade& price3.quality prior&timely delivery4.application:industrial magnet. - details see: //
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:cheap ndfeb disk magnetModel Number:cheap ndfeb disk magnetType:Motor Magnet
length:20-30mminner diameter:1-2mmout diameter:3-6mm 
cheap ndfeb disk magnet,motor magnet
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cheap ndfeb disk magnet

1.Material of NdFeB magnet:

Magnet N-( N30-------N52), working temperature:80 degree Celsius.

Magnet M-(N33M-----N50M), working temperature:100 degree Celsius.

Magnet H-(N33H------N48H), working temperature:120 degree Celsius.

Magnet SH-(N30SH---N45SH), working temperature:150 degree Celsius.

Magnet UH-( N30UH--N40UH), working temperature:180 degree Celsius.

Magnet EH-(N28EH---,N38EH) ,working temperature:200 degree Celsius.

Magnet AH-(N28AH, N30AH, N33AH), working temperature:220 degree Celsius.


3.Magnet shape:Block,Ring, Arc,Disc, Cylinder, Rod,Bar, Cube,Sphere,Strip etc.

4.Samplesare available, welcome your inquiry. CiYan Magnet is your reliable partner.


6. Magnetic properties: Super strong magnetic force and intrinsic coercive force. Good in ambient temperature. High anti-corrosion and stable performance.

7.Technology: Application of new sintered NdFeB magnet techniques and equipment like casting, HDDR technology

8. ProductsTech: Rawmaterials-Burdening-Melting-Crushing-Milling-Pressing-Vacuum sintering-Maching-Plating -Inspection-Packing

9. Environment and recycle friendly: Meet the environment standard of RoHS issued by EU. Electroplating uses chemical-plating processing technology without lead and chromium.

10.Application:Sintered neodymium iron boron rare earth magnet is the most powerful, widely used in many industrial areas,such as:all kinds of electromotors, separators, audio systems, wind turbine, sensors,medical equipment,toys,computers, elevators, cellphones, VCDs and maglev.

We are a professional rare earth permanent magnet producer,We have rich experiences in NdFeB magnets producing and can produce magnets acccording to your specifications &provide excellent technical support for new project.We have advanced facility and state-of-art fabricating process which assure sintered Ndfeb magnets. We deliver goods in time and have good after-sale service. Committed to customers with our best service and with the most that we can do for you.

Packaging Detail:1. Inner packing: small boxes with the foam. Outer packing: carton.2. Standard air and sea shipping package or as per client's requirement
Delivery Detail:15-20days

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