thermostat,temperature switches,thermal protectors ,BW

BW-B2D serial universal and enhanced protectors with mini metal casing are widely used in motor of industry,electrical household - details see:
Place of Origin:GUA,Guangdong, China (Mainland) China (Mainland)Brand Name:HXModel Number:BW-B2DType:Laminated Cores,Electronic Companents
thermostat,temperature switches,thermal protectors ,BW
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Name:Thermal protector


BW-Bserial universal and enhanced protectors with mini metal casing are widely used in motor of industry, electrical household appliance and electric equipment to avoid abnormal operation caused by overcurrent and overtemperature. The products provide effective, reliable and safe protection. The enhanced casing is suitable for internal installation of plastic hermetic motor, which can bear the plastic molding pressure at 3.5Mpa. The performance of the products satisfies the standards including IEC34-11, GB13232, GB/T13002, etc.
Structure and protection principle
BW-Bserial universal and enhanced protectors with large metal casing are composed of the thermal conductive metal casing, bimetallic parts welded with silver alloy contact point, conductive bracket, insulation fixation stand, fixed contact strip and heat resistance cable. In case of abnormal operation, along with the increase of the environment temperature to the set value, the bimetallic parts perform quick action, open the contact point, and disconnect the circuit. When the device is cooled to the temperature for safe operation, the contact point will automatically closes and recover normal operation.

Passed certifications:CQC UL VDE SGS

Packaging Detail:Adhesive tape carton ,It can also be packed according to buyer requirements
Delivery Detail:within 20 days after buyers payment Delivery

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