Air jet loom for Medical Gauze

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Condition:NewType:Air Jet LoomPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:Wonder
Model Number:WJA-708Warranty:1 yearColor:cream 
Air jet loom for Medical Gauze
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Product Features

WJA-708 is innovated and developed based on existing advanced design to replace shuttle loom which has many short-comings as low efficiency, high failure rate, complex processes and much labor. This model is suitable to weave21-40 lines absorbent gauze (sizing free). The frame and supporter bar of high rigidity reduced vibration, adding more to stability. High level of electronic automation system is able to display working efficiency and production volume of each shift. You can also set the machine to auto stop at certain production length. The model is designed with advanced air jet cutter which leaves smooth edges, improving fabric quality.

The adoption of single nozzle electric feeder improves machine-start rate, saving weft. Main transmission parts are lubricated in oil bath, reducing maintenance cost. Air is supplied by double air pump, which reduces cost in comparison with centralized air supply. What’s more, this model eliminates weft and yarn rolling and fabric cloth, thus reducing labor cost.

Optional Accessories

Take-up: 1. inside take-up (Max.Φ520) 2.outside take-up (Max.Φ1200)

Let-off: 1. passive let-off; 2. mechanical let-off

Beam pipe: 1. shuttle loomΦ600 beam pipe with iron pan

2. air jet loomΦ800 beam pipe with aluminum

Main dimensions and specifications:

  1. Reed Space (nominal): 135,150,190(cm)
  2. Feeder: Single nozzle electronic feeder
  3. Power:electromagnetic brake pan;
  4. Motor: 1.1KW for 135cm 150cm, 1.5KW for 190cm
  5. Weft insertion: single steel tube nozzle, pipe-shaped reed
  6. Let-off: passive or mechanical
  7. Take-up: inside or outside machine body
  8. Beating: four shedding lever winding beating
  9. Selvage: cloe and rough selvage
  10. Running speed: 400~500RPM
  11. Weight: 1.3~1.8T
  12. Dimensions: 135cm 3050mm×1540mm

150cm 3200mm×1540mm

190cm 3600mm×1540mm

Device width 1300mm for outside take-up

Packaging Detail:exported standard
Delivery Detail:within 35 days upon deposit

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