Activated carbon flter

Silica sand filter,activated carbon filter,precising fiterMaterials:304SS or 316SSUse for drink water treatment - details see: //
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:JiashunModel Number:10000LProcessing Types:Carbonated Beverage
Processing:Water Treatment System,Filter   
Activated carbon flter
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Silica Sand Filter
The equipment is a hermetically sealed chamber made of 1 Cr18NiTi stanless stell which is set inside gritted rod, therefore get filtrated and clean. The equipment is widely used in petroleum industry, medicine industry, brew manufacturing and beverage industry. It is a ideal equipment to procure high quality water.
Waer-nteeing Apparatus
This filter is designed for dinking water treatment. It can clear away alien color and foreign subsume from the water and can remove heavy metal such as mercury, lead, cadmium, Zink, iron, manganese and chromium, and hydrogenate, sapphire, small amount of remaining chlordane so on. The filter is the ideal equipment for drinking water, foodstuff, beverage, pharmaceutical industries.

Activated Carbon Filter
The exchanging device is for the hardness of hard water. Raw water goes through the exchanger from top to bottom, to be softened by the sodium ion-exchanger insider the device. The positive ions of magnesium and calcium are exchanged with that of sodium. Then the raw water containing very few ions of magnesium and calcium. The soft water can be used for feeding water of boiler and for some industrial uses. Due to its high dissolving ability in water, sodium ions will not from hard sediment in the boiler and can be easily removed. Raw water shall be filtered and settled with almost on suspended before coming into the Lonechaging device, the water’s shadiness shall be less than 0.03mg equivalent/L.

Multi-media Filter

This ultra filter adopts dissymmetrical semi permeable film which is made from macromolecule material with special process. The raw liquid flows under pressure, insider or outsider the film. The macromolecule substance and colloid particles in the raw liquid are clogged at the film surface and are brought away by circulating raw liquid. Then the raw liquid becomes auspicated, and further more, the substance in liquid is separated, concentrated.

Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:Within 20 days after the receipt of all payment for goods.

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