drinking water filling systems

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drinking water filling systems
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Water treatment system
Introduction to the system
Water supply treatment composes of water for beverage foods processing, water for electronic medicine and water for industry. The water sources for water supply treatment compose of surface water and under ground water. Surface water is also named as over ground water and refers water in the river, lake and reservoir, and features relatively salt content and hardness, water quality is unstable and has big changes according to the season. Under ground water means the water in deep well which is excavated manually, and features more salt with stable water quality which won’t change according to the season.
Introduction to Water treatment system
The technology a set of water treatment system uses depends on water quality and purpose of water use. The adopted technologies can basically be divided into pre-treatment system, depth treatment system and terminal treatment system. Pretreatment system includes media filter, active carbon filter, softener, iron and manganese filter, ultra-filtration, micro-filtration, etc; advanced treatment includes membrane method treatment and ion exchange; aftertreatment system includes sterilization and ion exchange, etc.
Pretreatment system
Pretreatment system refers to using mechanical filtration, absorption and coagulation to remove soap grains, colloid, suspended substances, free residual chlorine and organic as much as possible and lowering turbidity, colority, stink and hardness of influent water to guarantee pretreated water meets the requirements of depth salt-removing system.
Main Features:
Reasonable equipment structure, high treatment capacity;
Simple operation, automatic or manual operation is available according to the actual situation;
All materials are quality stainless steel or carbon steel with rubber.
Less spare parts, simple replacement.
Advanced treatment system
Ion exchange technology was adopted in depth treatment system in China in early days. Because ion exchange needs acid-alkali reclaiming treatment after a period of use, its reclaiming solution is apt to pollute the environment after it’s discharged and the maintenance cost is relatively high. Membrane method treatment matured at technology is more widely employed now. Membrane method treatment includes ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and ion filtration. Ultra-filtration is generally used in pretreatment instead of depth treatment system. Reverse osmosis primarily removes salt, metal ion and microbe in water to guarantee final effluent water is qualified for the influent water requirements of terminal treatment system.
Main Features: simple operation, convenient maintenance;
Automatic or manual working.
Water discharged from the system won’t cause any pollution to the environment;
Compared with traditional salt removal equipments such as electrodialysis and compound machine, it doesn’t need acid and alkali regeneration with low cost in maintenance and low occupation.

Terminal treatment system
According to end water, terminal treatment system can be roughly divided into two types: one is preparations of drinking water and the other is preparations of ultrapure water. After treatment system for drinking water mainly uses ozone for sterilization. Ozone is extremely strong oxidant with the function of high-efficiency and sterilization. Meanwhile, the product of ozone reaction is oxygen whose performance is better than that of chlorine ultraviolet ray as a high-efficient oxidant without second pollution. It is exactly this characteristic of ozone that has been widely used in water treatment system extensively during recent decades. Terminal treatment system for ultrapure water mainly uses the most advanced technology of EDI, short for electro-deionization, or mixed resin bed to further remove various kinds of ion in water. EDI utilizes mixed ion exchange resins to absorb anion and cation in supplied water and meanwhile the absorbed ion is affected by direct current voltage to reclaim resins continually in course of operation with the help of removing by anion and cation Mixed resin bed also utilizes anion and cation exchange resins to remove salt in water to a certain degree and then carries on reclaiming with the help of acid and alkali. Utilization-use-preparations means are often needed to keep the system’s incessant water effluence.
Main Features:
Simple operation, convenient maintenance, it can continuously output water without spare parts;
Compared with traditional equipment, it has small size and low maintenance cost;
Automatic or manual working.
Water discharged from the system won’t cause any pollution to the environment;
Electrical controlled system:
Electrically controlled design for water treatment abandons traditional intermediate relay and time relay control methods and selects mature programmable controller(PLC ) to carry on logic control,. It adopts PLF of famous brands such as Siemens S7 series, Mitsubishi FX series and ABLogix500 series and network control such as PPI, MPI, Profibus and CClink. It maximizes the guarantee of system dependability and security and can also realize remote monitoring.
In choosing low-voltage electric apparatus, Tech-long always selects standard parts of ABB, TE Schneider and Muller, Siemens low-voltage apparatus and selects Mitsubishi, Denver and ABB converter according to the site technological requirements or special project requirements. Siemens, ABB or Denver soft starter expands technological flexibility greatly and gives play to the greatest potential of equipment in electrical control of high power or technologically key equipment.

In ergonomic operation, Tech-Long always selects stainless steel electric cabinet and Boanerges electric fan matched with ABB, TE Schneider or Muller snap fastener and contact switch and sometimes matched with advanced and reliable GP Proface, Siemens TP/OP or AB series human-machine touch-interface (HMI) according to the needs of project to demonstrate the operation of equipment vertically and rapidly and have the order of operator transmitted to PLC control system in time.

drinking water filling systems
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