Activated carbon filter machine

the water treatment system of active carbon filter can clear away color and foreign substance from the water - details see: //
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:HFJXModel Number:HMLProcessing Types:Water
Processing:Water Treatment System,Filter   
Activated carbon filter machine
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The filling machine of water trewatment system is designed for drinking water treatment. It can clear away color and foreign substance from the water and remove heavy metal such as mercury, lead, zinc, iron, manganese and chromium, and hydride, sulphide, remanant chloride etc. It is an ideal machine for drinking water, foodstuff, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Work principle:

It is compose with active carbon layer and supporting layer. Active carbon has good holes. the holes has high adsorb ability. because of this ,it is used in many industry. After working for a long time, active adsorb many material to tend to a saturation state. so, it we should change active carbon or make it regenerate.

The supporting layer is used in preventing the loss of active carbon from the equipment, it is also helpful to make water equality.

Technic parameter: pressure:0.25Mpa
2.filter speed:11-15m3
3.back flushing time:4-10min
4.regenerate time:15-30min
5.inlet water tuibidity:<=10mg/L
6.outlet water ruibidity:<=3mg/L temperature:4-50
8.wipe off rate:90-96%
9.back flushing intension:12-18L/S.m2
10.resistance loss:<=0.1Mpa prssure:0.6Mpa

water flange
Case diamet(φ)Case height(H)
HML -66DN-65φ8002890
HML -1010DN-100φ12003100
HML -2020DN-100φ16003300

Packaging Detail:wooden case package
Delivery Detail:20days

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