Water filter

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Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:kooenModel Number:1-100T/HRProcessing Types:Water
Processing:Water Treatment System,Filter   
Water filter
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Multi-medium filter

This machine is made of 1Cr18NiTi S.S.with silicon sand inside,the liquid is filtered through filtration

rod.It is widely used in the field of petroleum,medicine,brew manufacturing and beverage.

It is an ideal equipment to produce high quality water .

Activated carbon filter

The filter is designed for drinking water treatment.It can clear away color and foreign substance from

the water and remove heavy metal such as mercury,lead,cadmium,zinc,iron,manganese and chromium

and hydride,sulphide,remanant chloride etc.It is an ideal machine for drinking water,foodstuff,beverage,

and pharmaceutical industries.

Sodium ion exchanger

The equipment is for reducing the hardness of raw water.Raw water to be de-mineralized goes

through the exchanger from bottom to up.The positive ions of magnesium and calcium are exchanged

with sodium.Then the raw water becomes soft water containing very few ions of magnesium.The de-mineralized water can be used for boiler and some other industries .Due to the high dissolving ability

of sodium ion in water,scale can hardly be formed in the boiler and can be easily removed .Water shall

be filtered and clarified before coming into the exchanger.After being de-mineralized in the device ,

the water hardness will be less than 0.03ppm.

Water filter
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