AC motor controller

It is applicable to the load smooth soft starting of cage model motor that is of three phase AC 50Hz. - details see:
Place of Origin:Hubei China (Mainland)Brand Name:WorldsureModel Number:WGQ8Motor Type:AC Motor
Supply voltage:3AC 380V~660V 50Hz three-phase four-wire systemTemperature:-25~50℃Humidity:85%Vibration:≤1.5g
Absolute altitude:≤1500m   
AC motor controller
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AC motor controller

WGQ8 Series of Intelligent Soft Starter

Range of application and typical application

It is applicable to the load smooth soft starting of cage model motor that is of three phase AC 50Hz, rated operation power of 5.5KW~500KW

Pump:with the pump control function, reduces pump current water hammer brought about by the liquid current impaction at starting and stopping, and saves the maintenance cost of the system;

Ball mill:with voltage slope starting, reduces the wear and tear of the gear torque and the work load of maintenance and lengthens the service life;

Fan:the solid soft starter replaces the traditional starter, reduces wear and tear and mechanical shock;

Compressor:using current limiting, to realize smooth starting and lower the motor temperature rise;

Crusher:locked rotor protection and quick protection make it possible to avoid over-heating and burning of motor caused by mechanical faults and block;

Conveying machinery:soft starting and soft stopping control realize the smooth and gradual starting process and smooth slowing stopping, thus avoiding damages caused to meterials and equipments by shocks.

Operating principle and performance characteristics

WGQ8 intelligent soft starter adopts three pairs of parallel thyristors put in the stator loop of motor, and make use of switch function of thyristor to control its touching angle with microcontroller, so as to control input voltage of the motor on the purpose of soft starting. When motor starting is over and the current of motor falls to the ordinary level, it can control bypass signals to motivate bypass switch, putting the motor parallel to the power grid.

With strong anti-interference ability:adopt high performance microprocessor digital control, reliable working and strong anti-interference ability.

Human-machine interface:consist of 128×64 dot matrix character LCD, 3 signal indicators, 6 simple keyboards. Show the data directly and operate easily.

With several kinds of starting ways:voltage slope start, current-limit slope start, impulse jump start, slope steady starting, steady starting and point starting which are applicable to all kinds of loads. Smooth starting and starting time can be adjusted by different working conditions.

With several kinds of shut down ways:free shut down and soft shut down. Soft shut down characteristics can meet mechanic demands of various situation, and the time and voltage for soft shut down can be both adjustable.

The controllable starting current:under the common load conditions, starting current can be controlled during 1.5—4Ie. Adjusting starting current by parameters greatly reduces impact of starting current.

Protection and monitor:it has as many as 17 kinds of protection functions like over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current overheat etc, which make the starting and operation of the motor more reliable and safe. Malfunction action values can be checked after protection convenient for customers to analyze.

Communication function:with DCS distant control interface and standard communication interface(RS485, Modbus communication protocol).

Analog output:4~20mA standard analog current output.

Working conditions

Supply voltage:3AC 380V/660V±10%, 50Hz(three-phase four-wire system);




Absolute altitude:≤1500m;

Others:no efflorescence, no inflammable and explosive, no aggressive gas.

Users shall state their special requirements in advance if there is any.

Type selection schedule

NO.ModelPowerDimension of device


Dimension of cabinet





Main loop air switch of cabinet type is DZ20 seris, AC contactor is CJ20 series











Notice for ordering

The type will be determined by the motor’s rated power, rated voltage and working conditions;

All parameters on the motor name plate shall be provided;

It shall be stated in advance if the user site can not meet the “working conditions” or there is any special requirement.

Packaging Detail:Wooden Carton Outside;Water-proof Plastic Inside;One Set One Carton.
Delivery Detail:In One Month

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