PMAC801 Motor protection rely motor protector

9 basic protection, 8 optional protection, integrates measurement,protection,and control functions. RS485/ Modbus, profibus - details see:
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:PILOTModel Number:PMAC801Motor Type:AC Motor
Power supply:85~265VAC, 80~300VDCDigital input:8 channels, external power supplyRelay output:4 relays, 3NO, 1NCCapacity of control relay output:250VAC/10A or 30VDC/ 5A
Communication 1:RS485/ ModbusCommunication 2:Profibus DPInstall (main module):35mm DIN railInstall ( display unit):96.5x54.5mm panel mounting
PMAC801 Motor protection rely motor protector
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PMAC801 Motor protection controller


1. Use module framework. Several modules can be selected flexibly.

2. PMAC801 provides 12 protection functions such as start overtime protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, phase failure protection, current unbalance protection, earth fault/leakage current protection, short circuit protection, underload protection, external fault protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, under power protection, phase sequence error protection, EEx e overload protection, temperature (PTC/NTC) protection, analog input protection.

3. Provides measurements of three phases current, three phase /phase voltage, zero phase sequence current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, and active energy measurements.

4. Provides protection, direct starter, reversing direct starter, star/delta starter, and autotransformer starter etc motor starting control modes.

5. Main module provides 9 DIs for start, stop and reset etc. signals input. If more DIs are needed, an extended digital module can be selected. Some of the DIs are programmable.

6. Main module provides 5 DOs to meet varies of starting control modes and protection action. If more DOs are needed, an extended digital module can be selected. Some of the DOs are programmable.

7. Provides 4~20mA analog output for DCS.

8. Through an extended analog module, 2 analog input or 1 analog and 1 hot resistance input can be added.

9. Small size and compact configuration.

10. Easy installation. Proper for 35mm DIN rail.

1. PMAC801 Motor protection controller:

start overtime
Over load
Over current
Phase failure
Current unbalance
Short circuit
Earth fault
Under load
External fault
Leakage currentoptionaloptional
Temperture ( PTC/ NTC)optional
Over voltageoptionaloptional
Under voltageoptionaloptional
Under poweroptional
Phase sequence erroroptional
EEx e overload (tE)optonaloptional
Analog inputoptioanl

2. PMAC801 motor protection controller:

3 phase current, neutral current, unbalance rate
3 phase voltageoptionaloptional
active / reactive poweroptionaloptional
leakage currentoptionaloptional
power factoroptionaloptional
active energy (kwh)optionaloptional

Packaging Detail:4 sets/ carton
Delivery Detail:5-7 days

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