continuous belt type spice sterilizer

continuous belt type spice sterilizer, energy/efficent, 2.easy to control, 3.CE - details see: //
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:ADA SENModel Number:JN-20power input:28KVA
power output:20KWtemperature:0~200C(adjustable)transmission speed:0-10m/min(adjustable)magnetron:panasonic
material:stainless steeldimension (L*W*H):9550*840*1750mmType:pepper sterilizar,tunnel continuous conveyor belt type 
continuous belt type spice sterilizer
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Continuous Belt Type Spice Sterilizer Features:

Mainly used in the chicken, beef, pork flavor, yeast extract, condiments, spices ( pepper, rice flour seasoning flavoring compound; Wang Lucai; five spice powder; king; black pepper;fennel, food additives, flavor powder, seafood, spices ( kelp, seaweed, fish, shrimp, crab ), heating, drying and sterilization process;Also applies to pepper, chili powder, Cara crumb.

Microwave drying features:

Short drying time, strong flavor of the product; low drying temperature, uniform, bright color of products; selective heating.Because water molecules absorb microwave best, so the high water content, absorb microwave power more than the lower part.This is a selective heating characteristics, the use of this characteristic can be done evenly heating and uniform drying; drying moisture direction from the inside to the outside.So, microwave drying has puffing effect , have a great help for subsequent crushing ; save energy and efficient.

Microwave sterilizing features:

Time is short, fast: conventional thermal sterilization heat from the surface to the interior of the food by conduction, convection or radiation. To achieve sterilization temperature, need longer time usually.Microwave sterilization is microwave energy and food and bacteria and other microbes interact directly, the thermal effect and the non thermal effects interact, to achieve rapid heating sterilization, processing time is greatly shortened, the bactericidal action of various materials is 3-5 minutes.Low temperature sterilization maintain nutrition and traditional flavor, microwave food sterilization equipment can replace steam sterilizing device, which can effectively reduce the material sterilization temperature, generally only about 80 degrees, only 3-5 minutes to achieve complete sterilization, reach preservation and prolong the shelf-life of the role.And equipment fully compliance with the food industry QS certification standards.,we also have CE certificate. Safety, health, environmental protection is the main characteristics. And it can effectively reduce the area and saving cost.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply380V±10% 50HZ±1% three-phase five-wire
Microwave Output Frequency2450±50MHz
Microwave input apparent power≤28KVA
Microwave output power≥20KW
Microwave power adjustment range0-30KW(adjustable)
Ambient temperature-5-40°C
Relative humidity≤80%, Surrounding environment:no corrosive gas, conductive dust and explosive gas
Overall dimension(L*W*H)9550*840*1750 mm
Transmission speed0-10m/min(adjustable)
Height of the inlet and outlet60 mm
Microwave leakaccord with a country GB10436-89 standards(<5 mw/cm^2)
Equipment safetyaccord with GB-5226Electrical safety standard

accord with a country GB16798-1997 Food machinery health security index

Please note: Inlet/outlet height,conveyor belt size and overall dimension can be designed according to your requirements.

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Packaging Detail:Wooden cases
Delivery Detail:in 25 work days

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