ZH-4# Wet Scrubber

1.High efficiency, 2.Low water consumption, 3.Easy to maintain,low resistance, 4.MOQ:1 set, 5.ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSMS certificate - details see: https://www.machineto.com/zh-4-wet-scrubber-10226110
Type:Wet ScrubberPlace of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:NANFANGModel Number:ZH-4#
Wind capacity:2900~4000 m³/hResistance:~80 PaEquipment weight:1320 KgOutline dimension(Diameter X Height):1100X1300X2653
ZH-4# Wet Scrubber
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1. Stable performance,high dust cleaning efficiency through water power: The collection efficiency will not be affected when air capacity is waving within 25%; It has good dust removing effect for sticky and hydrophilic dust,the efficiency is ≥98%.

2. Less pressure consumption,generally is 80~100mm H2O.

3. Less water consumption,easy management,easy to deal with sewage and sludge: Because the water in the dust collector can be used circularly,thus water consumption is very less,only has little water evaporating loss,waste is about 1kg/1000m³. Due to need water circulating pump in running process,sewage and sludge deposited in the tank can be discharged regularly,not only bring the convenience of management,but also can often keep the surroundings clean.

4. Can purify water-solute harmful gas: If throw corresponding alkaline substances,can purify various kinds harmful gas in burner gas ,such as SO2 etc.,achieving the effect of removing dust and gas.

5. Improve the ability of anticorrosion: In general,the box body inwall will be brushed asphalt paint twice,aslo can brush epoxy resin paint or ABS paint etc according to users' requireiments,to enhance the corrosion resistance,extend the service life.

6. Automatic filling water device,convenient maintenance.

7. Low running resistance,low power consumption.

8. The smallest maintenance

9. Simple structure,cover small area

10. Easy to use,low cost.

Operating Principle:

During operation, dust air passes through arc-shaped slot with high flow speed after it enters the purifying tank. Air stream in the slot turns sharply and blends forcefully with water, forming a water curtain at the slot exit which facilitates full contact between dust and water and enables dust to dissolve into water. Purified air is discharged out from water-retaining plate after moisture is removed. By recycling water in the tank, Water consumption is therefore minimal, except for loss from evaporation. Water lost is replenished by automatic water refilling device to maintain water level. Sludge on the dust remover shall be cleaned regularly.

Applicable Scope:

The dust collector unit not only is suitable for removing all hydrophilic dust,but also has higher collection efficiency to non-hydrophilic dust and particles. But can not be used for the purification of fibrous dust,in case blocking.

It is suitable for pharmacy,food,build materials,chemical,metallurgy,sand blast,machining,electricity and other industries.It is particularly effective in treating the dust and gas with high concentration,high temperature,strong stickness,toxic and harmful,hormone contained,watery.

NANFANG brand ZH-4# and this series Hydraulic Dust Collector Technical Parameters:

ZH-4# Wet Scrubber
Packaging Detail:Exporting standard seaworthy wooden case
Delivery Detail:20 days after your payment or according to your requirements

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