YR3 Series Low-voltage Wound Rotor Motor (IP55)

1 confrom to IEC starndard,, 2 IP23,IC411,S1, 3 high-efficiency, low noise and vibration,easy installation, 4 100% cooper line - details see: https://www.machineto.com/yr3-series-low-voltage-wound-rotor-motor-ip55-10236498
Brand Name:SHModel Number:YR3 seriesType:Asynchronous MotorFrequency:50HZ
Output Power:3KW-500KWProtect Feature:Totally EnclosedPhase:Three-phaseCertification:CCC,CE,ROHS,UL,VDE
AC Voltage:380VPlace of Origin:China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Frame:H132-H400
Poles:4p,6p,8p,10p,12pProtection:IP55Mounting type:IMB3Cooling type:IC411
Working duty:S1   
YR3 Series Low-voltage Wound Rotor Motor (IP55)
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YR3 Series Asynchronous Motors with Wound Rotor (IP55)

YR3 serieswound rotor three phase asynchronous motor isnew series motordeveloped according to IEC standard. Superior matrerials and elaborate construction enable the motor has such advantage as high-efficiency, energy-saving, low noise, low vibration, high reliablity, easy mounting and maintenance.

The power, electric property, mounting dimensions and toleratnces measure up t the standard of IEC34-1.

The protection grades of the farames is IP55 per G/T1933 and IEC34-6.

The cooling method respectively is IC411 per GB/T1933 and IEC34-6.

The structure and mounting type is IMB3 comply with GB997 and IEC34-7.

YR series wound rotor motor is applicable to driving universal machinese such as compressors, blowers, pumps, crusher etc. and they are widely used in mining industry, mechanical industry, chemical industry, generating plant, etc. as prime motors. If the driven machines that require extra moment of inertia, please specify the tedchnical data. (especially the driven machines are blower, coal mill, fairleader, crushing mill etc.)

Normal service conditions:

  1. Elevation above sea level ≤ 1000m;
  2. Highest environmental temperature ≤ 40°C lowest environmental temperature: rolling bearing ≥ -15°C, sliding bearing > 5°C;
  3. During the dampest month, the average highest relativity humidity is less than 90%, at the same time the average lowest temperature should not be more than 25°C.
  4. Rated frequency: 50Hz ±1%;
  5. The deviation between power voltage and rated voltage is less than 5%;
  6. Duty type: continuous duty type S1.

YR3 Series Low-voltage Wound Rotor Motor (IP55)
Packaging Detail:Seaworthy Wooden case
Delivery Detail:45 days ready in factory from order date

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