YPJ-C Medicine Polishing Machine

1.Medicine Polisher, 2.Polish and clean dust attached to the capsule, 3.Tablet to improve the surface of medicine polishing - details see: http://www.machineto.com/ypj-c-medicine-polishing-machine-10304609
Condition:NewPlace of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:HUALIModel Number:YPJ-C
Dimension(L*W*H):1300X500X1200Certification:CEWarranty:1 YearAfter-sales Service Provided:No overseas service provided
Type:Medicine Polishing machineModel:YPJ-CCapacity:(grains/min):7000Power supply:220V 50HZ 280W
Overall dimensions: (mm):1150X400X1000Packing dimensions: (mm):1300X500X1200Net weight: (Kg):45Gross weight: (Kg):65
Production of material:Stainless SteelPacking:Wooden Case  
YPJ-C Medicine Polishing Machine
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YPJ-C Medicine Polishing Machine


The machine is novel professional equipment for pharmacy. Under the drive of continuously variable motor, it can polish and clean the dust stuck to the capsules and tablets to improve the surface of medicine polishing.The machine is used to polish all kinds of capsule and tablet.

2.Main technical parameters

Power supply:220V50HZ 280W
Overall dimensions: (mm)1150×400×1000 mm
Packing dimensions: (mm)1300×500×1200
Net weight: (Kg)45
Gross weight: (Kg)65

3.Overall Sketch

1.Bearing Cover2.Organic Glass Barrel3.Net Cloth, Spring, Hairbrush

4.Coupling5.D.C. Motor6.Speed Regulator

7.Height Regulating Support8.Socket of Vacuum Cleaner9.Material Inlet

10.Material Outlet11.Mouth of Vacuum Cleaner

4.Points for Attention of Operation

1).Before power on, rotate the principal shaft of the motor with hand to check there is no phenomenon of seizing-up.

2).Check every fastener to see whether it is tightened.

3).Insert the power plug of the vacuum cleaner in the socket under the machine body; connect the hose of the cleaner and the cleaner starts working first. Then switch on the power, pour a small amount of medicine, and regulate the speed-regulating knob to change the rotational speed till the clean degree of the medicine surface reaches a satisfactory effect. The rotational speed is inversely proportional to the clean degree.

4).In order to recover surplus medicinal powder, we suggest that the medicine should be sifted with a big mesh sifter before it is polished.

5).Add a small amount of starch to hairbrush and tie up the material outlet with towel so as to increase the clean degree of medicine surface.

6).Because the hairbrush and the net cloth give out heat when they rub during operation, too high degree of heat will affect the clean degree of medicine surface. Therefore, the operator must be sure that the continuous operation time should not be too long.

7).When polish different kind of medicine, the operator must clean the hairbrush, the net cloth and the material barrel.

8).The backup hairbrush should be suspended after cleaning, don’t be placed flatwise.

9).The filter bag of the cleaner should often be cleaned.



7.The Factory Show

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Unit:China Ruian HUALI Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory

Packaging Detail:Wooden Box
Delivery Detail:30 Working Days

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