YJD-B Capsules and Tablets Polishing Machine

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Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:BolinModel Number:YJD-B 
YJD-B Capsules and Tablets Polishing Machine
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This polishing Equipment is a new pharmaceutical special equipment using in production of capsule and tablet. It is used to polish and clean dust and powder on the pills or capsules to get good smooth finish and can be up to hygiene standard of pharmacy industry.


1.novelty & simple structure, attractive appearance, light weight, long working life, high efficiency polishing, good cleanness.

2.easy to operate & maintain, flexible to move, easy to clean, and difficult to damage.

3.All product contact parts of the equipment are made of stainless steel (SS304 or SS316), meeting the hygiene standard of pharmaceutical industry and GMP requirement.


Machine Structure

This polisher is consisted of base, discharge hole, rack, single-phase motor, polishing brush, 304 stainless steel cover, net bag, hopper, vacuum cleaners, etc. components. Polishing brush is directly driven by the motor. After putting into the hopper, the polished medicine will be rotating with the brush, along the bag input to the discharge port. The powder brushed off will be collected to vacuum cleaners continuously, and the machine frame will adjust the working angle with the help of strut and locking handles.

Working Principle

The machine works by rotating brush, drive the polishing capsule along the wall in a circular tube spiral, coil spring forward along the capsule, with the brush, polishing the cylinder wall, under the constant friction, so that the appearance of polished shell capsules, was polishing the capsule from the mouth into the waste hopper discharge. Go to waste in the device, due to the negative role, the role of capsule in the air under the weight of failed capsule up into the vacuum cleaner through the straw, the weight of a large capsule to the whereabouts of qualified, through the activities of the hopper discharge, effectively achieve the polishing to waste purposes. Polishing process is the powder and brush off small pieces, polished cylinder wall through the holes into the sealed tube, the vacuum cleaner sucked in recovery.

Usage And Regulation Of The Polisher

Machine Installation Requirements:The machine can be used on any flat ground, only with single-phase tripod socket (220V)

After placing the machine ready, connect the power, place catcher in the bottom of discharge port, and then turn on the machine to idle (click RUN / STOP key to close the cleaner switch), and observe the working condition of the host vacuum cleaners, test speed performance. If normal operation, it can be added to the hopper with small amount of drugs and medicines to polish. If products polished meet the requirements, go on full production. After the completion of a number of pharmaceutical productions, the machine needs to idle for 2 minutes. You can polish for different drugs when wipe the pipeline dust.

Polishing Time Adjustment:Adjust the frame angle of inclination, change the height difference of the discharge port and the inlet, then you can change the residence time of the drugs standing in the polishing machine. The greater the inclination angle, the longer the polishing time. Whereas the shorter. When adjusting, first hold the back of bracket so as not to lose balance or damage it when loosen lock-crew. Then adjust the tilt angle of the machine frame and re-tighten the locking screw.


Capacity:7000 Pieces/minute
Machine Size:1380x405x1200mm (LxWxH)
Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:45-60days

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