yarn winding machine

automatic bobbin winder machine for kinds of bobbin size of the braiding machines with the best price . - details see: http://www.machineto.com/yarn-winding-machine-10281512
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:HenghuiModel Number:automatic bobbin winder machineMachine Type:Winding Machine
Certification:CEMaterial Capabilities:YarnProduct:winding yarn 
yarn winding machine
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Merit of the automatic winding machine

  1. Highspeed automation, full auto ic number controlled setting, no pollution to the yarn on the bobbin which can inprove the produvtivity.
  2. Equal with ranked yarn, it can adjust the tune yarn residudensity, easy to output yarn without leaving yarn resdue, which can decrease the loss of the yarn.
  3. Adopting electrical counting meter, it is easy to change yarn coviniently.
  4. When the yarn breaks it can stop automatically.
  5. Simple structure,easy to operate and maitain, low error rates.
  6. Low noisy small volume.


Automatic 2 head winding machine

90 series




Suit for different yarns(cotton nylon ,Ppetc)


weight: 150KG

90 series

Packaging Detail:plywood case
Delivery Detail:10-30days

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