Ring spinning frame suitable for Long staple fibers. Suitable to spin Worsted, Woollen and Acrylic yarn. - details see: http://www.machineto.com/worsted-ring-frame-10276985
Condition:NewApplication:Worsted Yarn SpinningType:Spinning Production LineProduction Capacity:36 Sets / Year
Place of Origin:IndiaBrand Name:SanmarcoModel Number:MH-21Spinning Method:Ring Spinning
Automatic:YesAfter-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas  
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Range of applicationLong staple worsted spinning
Type of raw materials
Polyster/Wool ( 75/25,65/35,55/45)
Wool (100%)
Coarsest count20 NM
Finest count120 NM
Draft Range10 to 30
Twist range250-1650 Twist Per Meter
Doffing typeManual
Ring diameter48 to 51 MM
Ring typeConical, steel,self lubricating
Ring brandSanmarco
Fixing of ringPress fit
Fitting diameter of ring55 MM
Ring height9 MM
Spindle gauge75 MM
Tube length230 MM to 260 MM
Drafting system3 roller -2 apron with tension device
Top weighing armSKF PK1601
Rear top rollers typeSKF LP 314
Middle top rollers typeSKF LP 316
Front top rollers typeSKF LP 314
Rear top rollers cot dimension (MM)D19XD50XB30
Front top rollers cot dimension (MM)D19XD50XB30
Rear top roller cot shore83+/- 5 degree Accotex J490 straight
Front top roller cot shore83+/- 5 degree Accotex J490 straight
Middle top roller cot shore80+/-5 degree Accotex J 490
Middle top roller cot dimension (MM)D19XD48XB34
Middle top roller recess1 MM
Spindle speed16000 RPM (max)
DriveFrequency controlled variable speed, tangential belt for every 48 spindles, geared draft
Creel feed packageRubbing frame bobbins with double end and also Flyer frame bobbin with single end
Length of feeding tubes300MM from rubbing frame and 450 MM from Flyer frame
Maximum Diameter of feeding tube280 MM from Rubbing frame and 175 MM from flyer frame
No of creel rows6 rows with bobbin hangers having inner brake
Creel rodsSuitable for installation of overhead travelling cleaners
Top apron cradleSKF LP314
Top apronsAccotex*G
Bottom apronsAccotex*G
Bottom rollers diameter40-32-35 MM chrome plated running in needle bearings
Front top clearer rollerOn top weighting arm
Suction systemWith individual suction nozzle and one suction duct for both sides
Suction air dischargeIn to underground duct
Balloon control ringFor Z or S
Spindle bolster type


MH-21 Main Head Stock

Main Head Stock: includes the gear reduction unit that drives the draft system, the main motor, the fiber waste collection system, the ring rail drive, the electrical equipment. The fiber waste collecting system consists of an air suction system fan and of a manual cleaning filtering element. The ring rail drive consist of an independent motor driven by a frequency converter and electronically synchronized to the drafting bottom rollers.


Suction system is equipped with three phase, 5.5KW induction motor for fan and the manual cleaning filtering elements. Consists of a main duct supporting the extractable suction tubes. The sucked air is conveyed to the filter in the headstock.


Movement of the ring rail, balloon control rings and lappet bar is controlled by a individual 2.2KW servo motor, which is electronically synchronized with the movement of the draft rollers All the adjustments of the ring rail movement for the cop build up are carried out via keyboard (stretch, increment, cone height, bottom, etc.), even when the machine is running. System includes a device for the controlled stop of the spinning frame in case of electric power failure.


Spindle motor is a three phase, 37kw induction motor driven by a frequency converter. This system driven by a single central driving shaft, drives 48 spindles simultaneously (24 per side). This driving system is fully covered by casing, which saves cleaning over time and ensures greater safety to the operator.


The control and monitoring panel is located in the door of the electrical control board. System is equipped with a set of input, output cards to perform and control the working functions of the Ring spinning frame. User friendly keyboard and A 40X8 character wide, high contrast ,graphic LCD displays provides the below information to the operator.

Production details Spindle speed Roller speed Twists Ring rail level Shift details Number of the fault alarm Number of the spinning frame phase


Machine is incorporated with all necessary stop motions (Door switch, Emergency rope switch, crank detection, twist s-z selection error, etc.), to take care of the safety and smooth running.

Packaging Detail:Wooden Box.
Delivery Detail:60 days

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