wool yarn twister/high speed twister

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Condition:NewType:Two-for-one TwisterPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:NOVO
Model Number:QingdaoSpinning Method:Single motor driveAutomatic:YesTPM:90-2800
Max speed:15000(cotton), 10000(wool)Max spindle no.`:240Min spindle no.:16 
wool yarn twister/high speed twister
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ItemSpecification parameter
Machine typeDouble face and single layer
Application range (Tex)5×2~74×2
Suitable fiberscotton, acrylic fiber, polyester and blends
Spindle pitch (mm)Cotton 225, wool 265
Spindle number/group16
Standard (max) spindle number128 (240)
Spindle speed (max, rpm)Cotton 15000, wool 10000
Twist range (T/m)90-2800
Twisting directionS & Z twist interchangeable
Feed packageCotton 152×φ140, Wool 152×φ160
Winding bobbin3°30’~5°57’ conical, parallel bobbin
Winding package (max,mm)152×φ300
Changeable winding angle16°30’, 19° ,21°30’
Winding tensionAdjusted by super feed roll
Spindle drive waySingle spindle drive
Change Spindle speed wayFrequency control speed
Spindle brake wayElectrical drive
Piecing wayPneumatic piecing
Tensioner shapeCapsule
Motors1 single spindle motor per spindle, 1 winding and traverse motors per set
Installed power (KW)22 (0.16kw/spindle, traverse and winding 1.5kw)

Execllent yarn qulaity. The CV value varies between 1.5%-3.1%

Every spindle is pre-set and tested. Customers only need align the machines and connect them, which greatly reduces the installation time.

Each spindle is driven by its own motor, which saves a lot of power by:

1. no belt friction

2. spindle can start and stop on its own.

3. The actual power comsumption is lower than the belt-driven machine.

The NOVO twister can run at a high speed without changing the spindle plate size, which increase the production capacity.

PAC control ensures user-friendly operation and more accurate control of the machine.

Good packing ensures safe gooding during the transportation.

QTM has the best TFO twister in the world~!

Packaging Detail:composite board
Delivery Detail:Further discussed

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