Waste Polyester Fabric Recycling Machine

Model : GM600-2 + GM250-6 - details see: http://www.machineto.com/waste-polyester-fabric-recycling-machine-10279364
Condition:NewType:CottonPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:RD
Model Number:GM600-2 + GM250-6Voltage:380V , 50HZPower(W):22 KW * 2 + 7.5KW + 5.5 KW * 5Weight:5000KGS
Dimension(L*W*H):15M*1.5M*3MCertification:CEWarranty:1 year 
Waste Polyester Fabric Recycling Machine
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The machine is specially used to open the hard wastes:
1.All kind of fabric wastes:
Fabric clips from garments plant, used garments and cloths and waste fabric etc.
Output: 70 to 90kg/h.
Staple length of fiber: 16 to 21 mm.
2.All kinds of yarn wastes:
Yarn hard waste, selvedge waste, sizing yarn waste and waste thread etc.
Output: 80 to 100kg/h.
Staple length of fiber: 16 to 23mm.

Main Features:
1.Waste feeding:
Manual through conveyor lattice
2.Auto, continuous, cycling opening:
The wastes are fed by manual to the lattice. The un-opened wastes which are dropped into the bottom of machinery is carried by the bottom conveyor belts and suctioned by fans to No.1 to No.3 chute feeder separately. Auto, continuous, cycling opening is carried out till the wastes are opened into fibers.
3.Opening points arrangement:
Total seven opening points, No.1 to No.2 Hard wooden cylinder opener, 630cm diameter, with metallic saw wire and No.3 to No.7 licker-in opener, 250cm diameter, with metallic saw wire. The proper opening &cleaning points and duty to reduce damage of fiber.
4.Dust air exhaust (by pipes):
Exhaust dust air to dust filter.
5.Fiber collection:
Manual or pipe collection to bale press.

Process layout:
1st Transport Fan, 4.0KW → 1st Chute Feeder → 1st Cylinder Opener(saw wire), 22.0KW → 2nd Transport Fan,4.0KW → 2nd Chute Feeder →2nd Cylinder Opener (saw wire),18.5KW → 3rd Transport Fan, 4.0KW → 3rd Chute Feeder → 1st to 2nd Licker-in opener,GM-210(saw wire) (5.5KW+4.0KW) → 3rd to 5th Licker-in Opener.GM-310 (saw wire) (4.0KW+4.0KW+4.0KW) (Dust Suction Fan, 5.5KW)
Auto, continuous, cycling waste opening:
By bottom conveyor belts.
Dust filter:
One set of opening machine, dust collection by fabric bag (bag to be arranged by the Buyer).If more than two sets of opening machines, to suggest to use dust filter.

Technical data:
1.Model: MTR218
2.Output: fabric waste: 70—90kg/h, yarn waste; 80-100kg/h.fiber length: 16 to 23mm.
3.Hard wooden cylinder opener (2passages):
--Cylinder (Dia.XL): 600x1000mm
--Speed: 950rpm
4. Licker-in opener (5passages):
--Licker-in ( Dia.XL):250x1,000mm
--Speed: 1,900rpm
5.Overall size (LxWxH): 11,500 x1,500x3,800mm
--Installed power: 79.5KW
--Actual power consumption: about 45KW/line
--Power data: 380V, 50Hz

Tow operators for one line/shift: one operator for feeding fabric clips and one for collecting for bale press

Packaging Detail:Export Standards Packing
Delivery Detail:within 7 days

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