warping machine

computer controlled and high precise copy warping machine - details see: //www.machineto.com/warping-machine-10276678
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Machine Type:warp machineProduct:yarnMaterial Capabilities:Yarn
Condition:NewCertification:CEAfter-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseasmain motor power:7.5kw
yarn tension:0-500Nspeed roller diameter:120mmmain motor control:PLC control inverterpositive let-off roller diameter:100mm
the pressure of gas source:6bar   
warping machine
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H30-5NC warping head,roll back,Positive tension roller,Damaged Yarn Detector (South Korea) ,Blowing Detector,Automatic oiling device,Static eliminator
Technical characteristics
1.Copy-specific features make the lap, the number of meters and circumference of every beam the same in the same group, a few meters of error under the same number of laps is not more than 10 meters, perimeter error does not exceed ± 2 mm, effectively avoided because beam circumference of inconsistency arising from the volume of non-uniform off and it will make the waste of yarn to a minimum.
2.The preservation of the unique function of the original data set to avoid the number of beam less than the same group because of the shortage of raw materials.
3.Main motor is controlled by the inverter, the digital pulse is stable and reliable PLC based closed-loop command to ensure the fast, slow winding back winding and reversing constant speed.
4.The beam’s up and down is controlled by pneumatic, and positioning combined with a high degree by the photoelectric switch PLC intelligent control, automatic beam according to the location of different diameter, without artificial selection
5.Tailstock is controlled by pneumatic, the bearing uses the section type bearing , making automatic centering bearing within the first hole of the first disk to minimize damage
6.The main braker uses pneumatic disc brake, the hollow disc brake is good at heat dissipation, with automatic compensation and tips clamp and the brake shoe, stability, and life has been greatly improved
7.The positive and speed roller brake at different speeds according to (200 m / min or more), with different voltage to match the brake master brake first when braking achieved with the constant tension and the yarn is basically the same.
8.Electrical parts use Japan and Omron programmable CP1H Series Eveiw touch screen 5.7 inches, and operation of all electrical fault error messages can be displayed on the touch screen (in both Chinese and English can be automatically switched on request). Pneumatic components use Taiwan AirTAC, soft air medium through the PLC to issue instructions to complete the accurate mechanical parts of the various actions required.
9.Positive let-off roller coating coated high hardness, high surface finish on the yarn are greatly improved adhesion, positive let-off roller driving force comes from the exchange of high-speed servo system with the PLC matching system with the main winding , compensation and other affected by the speed of the tension arising from fluctuations in yarn tension so that the same are Constant.
10.Remote debugging can be carried out to monitor the status of current work, as well as fault conditions

Packaging Detail:standard packing
Delivery Detail:30 days after prepay

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