Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor (WP-1)

VHS motors possess the merits of high efficiency, large starting torque, quiet-running, slight vibration, low temperature rise, - details see:
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name:SEMC, XDD  
Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor (WP-1)
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Our products (WP-1) have been improved by possessing the merits as following:
1) Adopting double cylindrical pins, an internationally advanced structure of anti-
reverse to efficiently prevent motor's reverse in time when the power shuts off
2) Adding the protecting net to avoid small animal into the inside of motor
3) At the bottom of motor, it has been fixed with a greaser for lubricating
4) Big terminal box can be connected easily for users
5) Unusual structure: the new design can prevent oil from leaking inside

1) Types: VHS160, VHS180, VHS200, VHS250, VHS280, VHS315, VHS355
2) Power: 7.5 - 500HP
3) Speed:
a) Below 50HP: 3,000rpm / 1,500rpm
b) 60 - 500HP: 1,500rpm

Wooden case
Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:60-90 days

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