Vacuum Rotary Drum Filter

1. ISO9001: 2008;, 2. Capacity from 10-80m2 for different industries, like glucose, etc. - details see: //
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)Brand Name:MecKeyModel Number:MKMaterial:SS 304
Vacuum Rotary Drum Filter
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Pre-coating Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter

MPF pre-coating rotary drum vacuum filter is developed and manufactured by absorbing European advanced technology. The professional manufacturing technique and advanced design idea make it be widely used in pharmacy industry, foodstuff industry and starch glucose making industry. It is suitable for the process which needs filtration and doesn’t need filter residue.

It works as follows:

At first, on the surface of drum, a layer of pre-coat of filter aid like bergmeal or perlite should be formed evenly. Processing material is filtered into the bottom basin of the equipment. Under the function of vacuum, filter liquid goes through subsequently the pre-coat layer, filter cloth, imbibing tube, filter liquid collection pipe, and vapor liquid separator, and then enters into next processing section. Meanwhile the solid powder or other foreign impurities in the material is filtered by the pre-coat then removed by movable peeler continuously. When the thickness of the residual pre-coat is less than 10mm, it needs pre-coating again.

It has the following advantages:

It is designed based on customers’ different requests.

Structure is advanced and reasonable while appearance is neat and beautiful.

Processing devices are in series while installation is simple.

Due to applying advanced pre-coating technology, filtrate is with high clarity, low solid content and can be easily re-used.

It employs automatic peeler discharge, which is of high efficiency.

Specification and Parameters:

Packaging Detail:Sea worthy package
Delivery Detail:60 days after getting the down payment

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