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Used John Deere Tractors
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Welcome To Sustainable Food Production Resources For Solving The World Food Crisis

Why Are We Offering Used Tractors From The USA?

The Deployment Of Used Tractors From the USA Is Vital For Sustainable Agriculture In Many Countries

Agricultural development is vital because our planet's population is growing. The fact is many people are hungry in many countries. In countries in Latin America where I worked as a consultant for years there was a lack of tractors and machinery that could increase productivity. I saw farmers growing large acreages of crops with workers with hoes and machetes. I watched farmers producing potatoes using only hoes and a tool called a barra. While they produced food, productivity was not as high as possible. Farmers who have no machinery or power systems work extremely hard and long hours for very little return on investment. The fact is, millions of farmers in the countries with the fastest growing populations are trying to feed these people without the needed inputs for productivity.

We Need To Find a Way To Develop Agriculture In These Countries and Feed Their People

How can we upgrade agriculture in these countries. What do we need? We need to provide machinery for land preparation, cultivation, harvesting, field processing. We need to find low cost machinery for processing raw materials from the fields. We need to develop ways to process food in a healathy manner with equipment tht is affordable and reliable.

The tractor is a piece of equipment that can provide the power for many of the above by using what is called PTO (Power take-Off). The Power Take off unit can power all kinds of equipment. The tractor is at the nexus for increasing agricultural output in many countries. We have got to get more tractors in the hands of farmers in developing countries.

There are two ways to get the tractors needed in these countries.

1. Buy low cost small scale tractors form China, India and other countries

These tractors are being made by countries where many of the tractor manufacturers are new entries to manufacturing tractors. Most do not have engineering departments. Many just buy tractors and copy their designs. Many of the brand names of these tractors are not even known to farmers. Many are new companies seeking to get on the export bandwagon. Some of the companies have been making tractors and implements for a few decades but they have not yet been tested over time. These brands have not stood the test of time. Prices are lower and these tractors are often affordable. There are situations in which these tractors are appropriate. Often the problem is they are not set up for PTO type uses. Nor are they ready for the kind of easy changing of implements farmers in the USA are used to.

2. Obtain Brand Name Tractors From the US

We can depend on American made tractors. Companies here have been making dependable, long lasting tractors for decades, even longer. The list of US tractor and implement manufacturers is long



AGCO Allis

AGCO Tractors


Allwork tractors

American Tractor Corporation

Avery Company

Best Manufacturing Company

Case Corporation

Case IH

Caterpillar Inc.

Cletrac tractor

Cleveland Motor Plow

Cleveland Tractor Company

CNH (company)

Cub Cadet

Deering Harvester Company

Eagle Manufacturing Company

Fitch Four Drive

Ford Motor Company

Fordson tractor

Hagie Manufacturing

Holt Manufacturing Company

International Harvester

J.D. Adams & Company

John Deere


New Holland Agriculture

Oliver Farm Equipment Company

Roths Industries

Samson Tractor

Simplicity Outdoor

Steiger Tractor

Twin City tractors


Wheel Horse

White Farm Equipment

The Problem With Supplying New American Made Tractors and Implements from the US

Why don't these farmers just buy equipment from the USA? They know it is good and longlasting. US equipment is the best in the world. Each company in the USA has government standards to meet, mandated speciications, inspections, quality control, new improved systems based on computer and process control. You can depend on these tractors.

What Is The Reason That These Countries Are Not Filled With State Of The Art New Agricultural Technology From The USA?

1. These new tractors are very expensive

2. These new tractors require a high level of education since they are operated by computer controlled systems

3. These new tractors require repair shops with computer controlled equipment

4. These new tractors require the owners to develop a preventive maintenance program

5. These new tractors must be kept clean and lubricated in a systematic manner

Farming in the USA is high tech these days. American farmers have a high level of social capital which enables them to maintain these high tech machines. Farmers in the USA usually have the internet availalable in their homes and can access technical assistance and social networks to discuss problems.

High tech farming systems cannot be maintained in a country without a surrounding support system. It is not enough to buy a brand new high tech tractor and be the only one in your state or community that has one. Who will you discuss problems with? Who will able to repair it? In the USA a farmer has access to social capital. There are so many ways to get the assistance he needs.


The extension officer will come out to your farm or you can go into the office

There are many farmer bulletins available

Local universities

Books and self help publications

Farm magazines

TV programs

Internet do it yourself sites

Posted back issues of publications

You tube videos

Social networking site such as squidoo where people post their know-how as lens

Sites such as ezine article sites where people publish their know how

Short farmer meetings

University short courses

Online courses

Farmers in Developing Countries Need Tractors and Farm Equipment They Can Maintain Without Computer Based Systems

The Solution Is used name brand US tractors and implements.

Some Available Agricutlural Equipment

Round Balers

Square Balers

Stalk Choppers/Flail Mowers

Tub Grinders/Bale Processors


(bale movers, sickle bars, wrappers, forage blowers, baggers)

Other Equipment


Blades/Box Scrapers

Feed Grinders

Feed/Mixer Wagon


Manure Spreaders

Power Units

Riding Lawn Mowers

Utility Vehicles


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