Ultra-low temperature chillers -35 C

Ultra-low temperature water-cooled screw chillers (-35 C), Cooling capacity range:18-190 kw, Water temperature range:-35- -25C - details see: http://www.machineto.com/ultra-low-temperature-chillers-35-c-10243671
Condition:NewType:Water-CooledPlace of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:SCH-Cooling Capability(kw):18Voltage:380Dimension(L*W*H):2585 x 900 x 1335 mm
Weight:850Certification:CE,ROHS,UL,ISOWarranty:18 monthsAfter-sales Service Provided:Overseas service center available
Cooling capacity:18kw-190kw   
Ultra-low temperature chillers -35 C
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Ultra-low temperature water-cooled screw industrialchillers (-35 C)

Superior performance
* The host using the most advanced semi-closed 5:6 screw compressor, motor, compressor seal leakage to non-integrated design, energy efficiency higher than 20% of the compressor -30%;
* Two or more compressors with compressor start, stop cycle control program, can balance the load, extend the service life of units;
* Two or more unit multi-compressor refrigeration circuit, one of the circuit to be repair and maintenance, the remaining circuit is still running, with a standby function;
* Compressor unloaded voltage starting, to avoid the impact on power.
* Unit chilled water temperature can be controlled in -35 °C or more;
* Units can be installed under the environment protection and energy needs of the heat recovery unit that can produce free hot water in the cooling time.

Easy to install
* Unit has compact, small footprint, saving room space;
* Machine factory, has been completed strictly debug switch set, fully meet the design state;
* Minimal vibration, no special isolation measures based, easy to install;
* Installation just connect the evaporator and condenser cooling water, chilled water pipes.

Operation and maintenance costs low
* Unit changes according to the load, the intelligent process control: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% (or start), 0, saving energy;
* Only the total number of reciprocating screw compressor part 1 / 10, simple structure, less wearing parts, no suction, exhaust valve, is not sensitive to humidity trip, very low failure rate;
* Screw compressor failure-free operation up to 40,000 hours.
Characteristics of screw compressor
* Imported from France and efficient use of fluoride-resistant motors, high efficiency, good reliability;
* The latest third-generation 5-6 asymmetric profile;
* Continuous capacity control four paragraphs unloaded capacity control system; Si Woer effect of the oil separator;
* Supporting the German and Swedish SKF FAG precision bearings;
* Low vibration and low noise.
* Compressor has been ISO9001, CRAA, CE, PED, UL and many other international quality certification and patented in many countries in Europe and America.

Microcomputer control
* Germany "SIEMENS" PLC programmable LCD touch screen controller, the whole man-machine interface (or English) text display;
* Automatic monitoring of cold water temperature and operating conditions, through PLC auto control slide valve, regulating operation of the compressor level, the effective use of tracking on-site load;
* Display animated visual display and clear, the unit's operating status, including the compressor operation, water flow conditions, temperature, run time is directly displayed at a glance;
* Automatic record-keeping unit failure alarm the recent circumstances and time of occurrence, and issued troubleshooting tips;
* Based on actual needs, the content of the original amendment (with a password). Such as access to water, the location of capacity control, the unit of the protection point, pressure.
* According to the needs of remote or central monitoring.
Security functional
* Pressure protection: automatic refrigeration system high and low pressure protection device;
* Power protection: under-voltage protection, phase protection, reverse phase protection, overload protection, motor overheat protection;
* Frost protection: When the chilled water temperature is too low, the unit automatically shut down;
* Safety valve protection: When the refrigerant pressure exceeds a certain value, safety exhaust valve will automatically open;
* Delay Protection: compressor delay start protection against compressor frequent start-up;
* Water conservation: When the water flow stopped or reduced, continue to run when the unit will automatically shut down against units;

Refrigeration Components / Electrical vitality of
With world brand contactors, relays, thermal protection, expansion valves, pressure control, filter drier, to ensure the reliability of the unit.

For occasions
These Ultra-low temperature water-cooled screw chillers (-35 C) chillers apply for plastic pipe, electroplating, painting, electronics, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, food additives, corn deep processing (starch), mushroom cultivation, grain and oil production, solar PV industry

These Ultra-low temperature water-cooled screw chillers (-35 C) chillers apply for air separation, real ice skating rink, the automotive environment test chamber, the engine intake system / all rooms air conditioning, refrigeration, cold storage, chemical and pharmaceutical intermediate, non-ferrous metal, metallurgy, food processing and preservation industries.

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Packaging Detail:safety package suiting for exporting
Delivery Detail:45 days

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