tunnel microwave dryer

Microwave Dryer, Tunnel Type, Drying fruit slices,herbals,chemical granulars,tablets, Microwave output:10,15,18,20,25,30,50,60KW - details see: //www.machineto.com/tunnel-microwave-dryer-10047796
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tunnel microwave dryer
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Microwave Dryer
Tunnel Type with driving belt made of Teflon, or chain board of P.P.
Drying fruit slices, herbals, chemical granulars, tablets etc.

Microwave output power can be adjusted continuously.

According to different drying capacity, there are models of 10,15,18,20,25,30,50,60kw microwave output to choose.

Rated Input Power≤18KVA
Microwave output Power≥23KW (Adjustable)
Speed Transmission Belt0-3m/min (Adjustable)
L*W*H of Microwave Tunnel Body6000 *820 * 400mm
Dimension of Microwave Suppresser at entrance1000 *680 * 50mm
Dimension of Microwave Suppresser at exit1000 *680 * 50mm
Length of inlet conveying belt600mm
Length of outlet conveying belt600mm
Overall dimension of Machine Body9200 *820 * 2000mm
Overall dimension of Whole Machine9200 *1400 * 2000mm
Width*Length of convey belt (made of Teflon)550*19000mm
Packaging Detail:Wooden Case Packing
Delivery Detail:30 days after down payment

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