TufShot Hard Metal Drill Bits

Drill heat treated metals up to 75 Rockwell, Thomson shaft, mag wear plate etc. Available in many sizes between 1/8" and 1". - details see: //www.machineto.com/tufshot-hard-metal-drill-bits-10149573
Place of Origin:United StatesBrand Name:TufShotModel Number:425-250-SProcessing Types:Metal
Drills Hardened Metal:Better than Solid Carbide   
TufShot Hard Metal Drill Bits
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TufShot Hard Metal Drill Bits are a revolution in hard metal hole making. Using a unique design and high-tech manufacturing techniques, we have created a drilling system which easily penetrates materials that would destroy other bits. Now you can drill hardened tool steel - A2, M2, D2, H13, S7 and others. Even drill magnesium wear plate, files, taps and bearing races up to 75 Rockwell. An economical substitute for solid carbide drill bits or Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), TufShots can save you money and drill materials you couldn't drill before. Do you ever need to drill material you know would destroy the best high speed steel bit, even a solid carbide or carbide tipped bit? Here may be your answer.

Packaging Detail:Package size varies with TufShot size.
Delivery Detail:stock

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