Tobacco Cutting Machine( Mini)

Small tobacco cutting machine,Width of tobacco cutting >0.8mm, Power: 2Kw, Voltage: 220V, Capacity : 100kg/h - details see:
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Tobacco Cutting Machine( Mini)
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QS-4 is produced by our factory, and is the tobacco special equipment used in lab on the tobacco industry. It has compact structure, easy operation, samll size and light weight.

QS-4 is consist of following compoenents: cutter assembly, inverter, motor, transmission, chasis and panel.

The machine can cut tobacco leaf and stem. To get more cutting effect, we advise that you take out of the big stem.


a. When starting the machine, first switch the power, then open the inverter. When stop the machine, first stop the inverter , then stop the power.

b. shred machine should minimize idling in order to avoid damage the tools.

c. tobacco leaf overlapping should not exceed three layers when cutting.

d. when the machine is broked up with the leaf, immediately disconnect the power to prevent burning the motor.

e. we can change the matching cutter depending on the different width.

Width of tobacco cutting >0.8mm

Power: 2Kw

Voltage: 220V

Capacity : 100kg/h

Humidity: <16%

Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:10 days

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