TO Useful Ultroviolet Sterilizer

Useful Ultroviolet Sterilizer, 1.wide application, 2.useful, 3.sterilization, 4.running stably - details see: //
Condition:NewPlace of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name:TO Useful Ultroviolet Sterilizer,ThreeOModel Number:TO Useful Ultroviolet Sterilizer
Usage:waterCertification:ISOItem:TO Useful Ultroviolet Sterilizerfunction:sterilization
advantage:running stablyapplication:waterservice:OEMmaterial:high quality
TO Useful Ultroviolet Sterilizer
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TO Useful Ultroviolet Sterilizer

1.Product description

This is a closed cabinet device made up of sterilizer drum, electronic control and cabinet body.

The sterilizer drum is made of excellent stainless steel which has a high reflection rate of the UV and produces no pollution during its use, complying with the sanitation requirements of food industry. Inside the drum are UV lamp and quartz glass tube; the whole drum is just a sealed container bearing the internal pressure; the drum body with an inlet and an outlet are furnished with stainless steel tube joints, and both ends have sealed rolls and gland flanges.

The electrical control system is installed according to the working principle of UV lamps. Besides it has alarm and signal light as well as voltmeter, UV lamp and DK-34 sterilizer, that is, two groups of UV lamps can be used in order to expand the processing flow.


Packaging Detail:packaging for TO Useful Ultroviolet Sterilizer:in wooden cases
Delivery Detail:delivery time for Useful Ultroviolet Sterilizer:in 30 days

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