Thread Shashlik Machine

Thread Shashlik Machine, 1,High working efficiency, 2,Easy operation and maintain, 3,Compacted structure - details see: //
Place of Origin:Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name:sapwellsModel Number:SPRC1Voltage:220V
Type:Meat Processing Machinery   
Thread Shashlik Machine
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Automatic Thread Shashlik Machine


The machineadopts advanced microcontroller technology, control proximity sensors, pneumatic and electric, combining realization of automatic sign, automatic wear meat. Stainless steel manufacturing, products host PE material, consistent with the international food hygiene requirements; Desktop control, convenient to move, cover an area of an area small; Working stability; Decorate reasonable, free maintenance and long service life; Mobile PE kebab mould plate, easy clean; Can change at will die, reach to different products demand.


Can wear cattle, sheep, chicken string, the chicken Jane string, the heart left string, the squid string, DouFu , kelp, meatballs, quail eggs strings products; the size of the string is very blance, clean health, no knead, taste good; Users can can add fat oil according to the interesting in any position ; The length of the string can be adjust within the required range; Can literally knock, sway, without the chipping, is the ideal choice of meat string production enterprise and individual


Motor powerVoltageCapicity(S/B)Size(mm)Speed(B/H)Prod lengh(mm)
SP55690W220V1.5~21000 mm *800 mm *400 mm1600250mm-300mm
SP55590W220v1.5~21000 mm *800 mm *400 mm1600250mm-300mm
SP66690W220V0.451300 mm*700mm*500mm1600250mm-300mm
SP88890W220V0.451300 mm*700mm*500mm8000-10000250mm-300mm
Prod DiamaterPower consumption/HWeight(KG)ForwarderMotive powerMaterial
SP5563.5mm-4.5mm200w45Conveyor beltPneumatic


304 stain steel plate
SP5553.5mm-4.5mm200w45Conveyor beltPneumatic


304 stain steel plate
SP6663.5mm-4.5mm200w90Conveyor beltPneumatic


304 stain steel plate
SP8883.5mm-4.5mm200w90Conveyor beltPneumatic


304 stain steel plate

4.Using method:

Put the meat inside the mould of the machine ,and can be made in series automatically.


1.Standard configuration:

A machine, 4 moulds4, gas connection tube, specification book, CD.

2.This machine is the microcomputer control, by compressed air thrust promote bamboo wear meat, so this machine need to have a "small blast pump".

3.This machine don’t include the blast pump, but we can find for you.

Packaging Detail:WOODEN CASE
Delivery Detail:7 days after your advance payment

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