Textile sample pinking machine (Hand-operated)

Textile sample pinking cutting machine for swatch [Hanger Master Series] - details see: http://www.machineto.com/textile-sample-pinking-machine-hand-operated-10279313
Place of Origin:Gyeonggi-do South KoreaBrand Name:Samsung necoModel Number:SPI9801TEXTILE SAMPLE CUTTING MACHINE:Red
Textile sample pinking machine (Hand-operated)
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Textile sample pinking machine, Hanger Master, was produced properly in a specialty cutter, knife manufacturing company. It will reduce the extra expenses since only knife can be changed or re-used with polishing. This machine is surely needed for your company because it will reduce your time and human power. Comparing to existing goods, it is more soft to operate and comfortable because we reduced the pressure into half. Its outstanding price for facility and quality. There are office private use knife sizes, which are 420 mm and 500 mm.

Packaging Detail:Wooden Package
Delivery Detail:7 to 30 days

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